Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeff Myers Opening New Eatery in Surprising Location

Jeff Myers, of  The SoundTable and TOP FLR, will soon open a new restaurant, but unlike his previous concepts, it's not intown... heck it's not even in Atlanta!  Jeff along with wife KC will soon open Waterclub.  In a departure from his successful intown projects, Waterclub is located in
Cave Spring, a town in Northwest Georgia about 15 miles southwest of Rome .

Apparently lured to the area by the 99% pure water from the cave, the Myers' restaurant will seat 60 in a town said to have a population of just 950.  The restaurant will feature a number of soups, salads and entrees such as  skirt steak and ribeye.  Prices are said to be lower than than of TOP FLR with items ranging from $8 to $13 with the exception being the ribeye that will be priced in the low $20 range.

Waterclub replaces Bennett's Steakhouse on Broad Street, and made available two prix fixe 5-course Valentine's Day seatings at 5 and 8pm, both of which are already sold out.  The restaurant will close after dinner service on Valentine's Day and re-open for its official opening on the 23rd.  

Are you eager to make the trek way OTP to try out this new eatery and discover Cave Spring?  Do you think this is an odd move for Myers given the population of the area?  Do you live in Cave Spring or Rome and are excited  to see what Myers has up his sleeve for your area?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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