Monday, June 25, 2012

Cocktail Cove Comes to a Close

Cocktail Cove has closed both it's Lake Lanier and Sandy Springs locations.  The restaurant may not be known to many but certainly its Sandy Springs location, "two blocks north of 285 on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs" is familar to any Atlantan who listened to radio, especially 99X, in the
1990s or early 2000s.  American Pie, thought of by some as a kitchy Hooters-like watering hole opened in 1986 was the building's most notable tenant and lasted over 20 years before closing in late November of 2007.  In its heyday, American Pie was an Atlanta institution akin to Rio Bravo and The Varsity.  

Thanks to loyal ToNeTo Atlanta reader "Erik from the burbs" for pointing out the Sandy Springs closure.  Erik noted he noticed the restaurant was closed this past weekend and surmises it closed within the past few weeks.  I further investigated the Lake Lanier location and am under the impression a similar closure took place there a few weeks ago.  I have never been to either restaurant, but I want to say that the Lake Lanier location predates the Sandy Springs location, which opened in 2009.  

Did you ever venture into Cocktail Cove?  Do you have fond memories of American Pie?  What should replace this large space on Roswell Road?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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Trash Man said...

I lost my virginity and got my first STD in the bathroom at American Pie. Glory Days!

Anonymous said...

You've got an "it's" vs "its" typo.

It's = it is.

Anonymous said...

Another restaurant should take the spot but the question is why did they leave in the first place

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The Lake Lanier location was the original, and they tried to open an in town location when American Pie left. I used to love going to the Pie back when I was in college (5-6 years ago). I definitely know of one restaurant that I'd love to see in this location because they need a bigger space and more parking. I just hope they can jump on it before someone else does.

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