Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are you WAITING to Hear What's Happening at 5525 Interstate North Parkway?

A number of readers contacted me with questions regarding what was going on at 5525 Interstate North Parkway, just off 285 in Sandy Springs, and I now have confirmed my earlier findings. 

The space which has been a number of chain and local restaurants over the years will become the headquarters for Peacock Partnership, a local architectural firm.  The space was a Bennigan's in the 1980's and later Sidelines Bar & Grill and most recently 285 Line Bar & Grill. 

Renovations are well underway and the building is expected to be completed in about a month. 

Thanks for reading and for all the questions.  Keep em coming!

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SB said...

Nice work Eli but that sure is disappointing. Man I loved Bennigans.

Billy said...

That really sucks. I still believe the right restaurant/bar concept could be successful in that space. With over 5,000 apartment units within a mile from this location, there is no reason that it shouldn't...but then again, I guess most of the restaurants (other than Heirloom BBQ) have struggled in this area.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the people who asked. Thanks for the info. As the other commenters said - BOO! Seems odd that with the ridiculous amount of office space in Atlanta, they'd do this build out. Oh well, maybe something can go into the 2 empty restaurants on Powers Ferry (former Fridays & Famous Daves). Houstons appears to do awesome business as does Rose & Crown. Sal Grosso looks like it does well too, but haven't been so not sure... I trust you'll let us know if anything does get slated for those restaurants!

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