Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blimpie A Bust in Buckhead

Classic Blimpie logo

Blimpie has finally closed its Buckhead location.  The sub restaurant on the Sidney Marcus Boulevard side of Buckhead Crossing Shopping Center lasted longer than I or many others might have

thought possible.  In a world dominated by Subway, Blimpie has seen its store count dwindle and its brand awareness fade.  I found this interesting blog post relating to Blimpie's simple yet unoriginal current logo redesign. 

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Blimpie is now part of Kahala Corp, the parent company of Kahala Franchising L.L.C. Kahala franchises 13 different brands including Cold Stone Creamery, Cereality, Rollerz, Great Steak, Samurai Sam's Teriyaki Grill, and others. 

Wings 101 is apparently opening in place of Blimpie, and as best I can tell, is not a franchised concept, but instead is a one off, perhaps being opened by the former Blimpie franchisee.  Wings 101 will not be without competition in the wings department as Pizza Hut's WingStreet is, well, across the street, and nearby U.S. Cafe also serves wings.

Which is your favorite wing joint in town?  Do you prefer Blimpie but can't seem to find one near you?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

UPDATE: A STOP WORK order has been issued for Wings 101 citing insufficient permits.  

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Anonymous said...

I like Taco Mac for wings. Big wings and good sauces.

Cheyenne Grill has some awesome wings years back ... but obviously that place has gone downhill.

$3 also had some great wings but I haven't been to one in awhile since the big Buckhead location shutdown.

The worst wings, in my opinion, are JR Crickets ... just awful.

Anonymous said...

The free-standing one on Powers Ferry Rd in Marietta closed as well.

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne Grille's wings were terrible. Most times I ate them they tasted like they were barely cooked through enough to be safe to eat. Taco Mac's aren't a whole lot better. At least they don't put a horrible breading on them like Hooters.

Real buffalo wings are small and crispy.

Anonymous said...

Small and crispy? Nasty.

Anonymous said...

I thought the latest bust in Buckhead was at Twin Peaks

Atlantan99 said...


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