Friday, September 14, 2012

The Atlanta Diner Closed, Who Knew?

You know that restaurant in your neighborhood that you always wonder how it stays in business, but figure it must be busy at some point, or else must have some well funded and carefree owner who just needs a hobby?  That was Atlanta Diner to me.  The restaurant had been a fixture on North Druid Hills Road, just off I-85, since the mid 90s, and it quietly closed a of couple weeks ago.  I'm not exactly sure when it closed, but it appears to have been a fairly recent development. 

Although it was unrelated to either Landmark Diner or the Marietta Diner, my recollection is that there was some connection to the now demolished Northlake Diner on LaVista Road.

The space has already attracted at least one "urban camper," and is just a few blocks too far away from either the Loehmann's Plaza area or the Buford Highway/North Druid Hills Road intersection to be very appealing.  The parcel does have access from both North Druid Hills Road and West Druid Hills Drive but it's also across the street from the Salvation Army and a Krystal restaurant, possibly limiting potential replacements. 

What do you think should open in place of this restaurant?


  1. They had a sign out in front of it a few weeks ago trying to get a zoning variance to put a McDonalds there. I don't know if it was approved or not. It is a pretty small lot for a McDonalds and is very close to the one on the other side of I85.

  2. @Anon,

    Yea, that seems odd considering the location on the other side of 85 that that received the brand refresh. Also, I agree with you on it being small too, I'm thinking maybe a Bojangles'...

    Thanks for the tip and for reading the site.

  3. If a Bojangles opens in that location, I may need angioplasty within 12 months.

  4. wow... always wondered why there were so many sketchy urban outdoorsman in that area. Never made the connection with the Salvation Army being there.

    The Salvation Army might want to find a way to hand out razors/scissors ... yeesh, some of the dudes have foot long beards.

  5. I noticed the closure several weeks ago when I cut through there. Figured it had been closed for years since it had been off of my radar for an extended period. Its somewhat hidden location wasn't likely helpful to promoting its longevity...not to mention a concept that folks don't really seem to patronize anymore.

  6. Used to go there a lot after movies with a friend, but eventually stopped frequenting. Stopped by there a couple of months ago and it seemed a pretty bare bones operation. Figured there was enough early bird special-ers to keep it up, but guess not.