Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brookstone Boomerangs Back to Phipps Plaza

Brookstone will soon reopen in Phipps Plaza.

Brookstone, the popular gift and gadget specialty store closed their first level location at Phipps Plaza earlier this year, but will reopen on the second level.  Ironically, the store will open in the former Armani Exchange, across from a space that been a The Sharper Image store up until their 2008 bankruptcy filing and subsequent closure.  The Sharper Image sells items similar to Brookstone and was previously located in the Luxury Wing of Lenox Square, but was forced to move to Phipps when Neiman's expanded in 2007.

Up until their Phipps closure, the store had locations at both Lenox and Phipps, and with the new opening, that will once again be true.  I had thought that perhaps the Phipps opening would only be a seasonal store, but sources tell me the store will be permanent.  It's likely that their closure on the first floor was due to replacement tenant Lilly Pulitzer's willingness to pay more rent for the space.

Given the holidays are fast approaching, its very likely that Brookstone will open quickly just to ring in holiday sales and do a full buildout after the new year.  Brookstone has a new Michael Kors-like exterior, heavy on metallics, that I saw at their Aventura Mall store that will hopefully be put in place when a full buildout is completed. 

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