Wednesday, November 7, 2012

McDonald's Eyeing Second Clairmont Road Location

Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald's is eyeing a second location on Clairmont Road. The fast food burger joint is looking to construct a new restaurant on land currently home to the Drs. Eisenberg & Bogdanoff Cosmetic and Family dentistry office, adjacent to the Briarcliff Shopping Center.  Briarcliff Shopping Center, of course, has seen its stock grow astronomically as its dated grocery anchor was demolished earlier this year to make way for a brand new QT opening in its place.  

I grew up going to Dr. Aronovitz's office, housed in the same building as the dentists' office, and have fond memories of the site.  The building is one story, with ample (free) onsite parking for patients, a rarity today.  The building was also once home to a Sandals Resorts travel office. 

McDonald's plans to construct a dual drive-thru unit on the parcel similar in look and size to that of the recently renovated location at North Druid Hills Road near I-85.  Oddly enough, there is already a McDonald's restaurant about a half mile away in front of Sam's Club on the opposite side of 1-85.  I remember the McDonald's here being built in the mid to late 90s, in front of what had previously been a Kmart. 

A preliminary meeting about the planned McDonald's was held earlier this week and was attended by both homeowners and representatives from McDonald's.  As it stands now, McDonald's is expected to file paperwork in the coming days requesting a special land use permit to enable them to have the drive-thru windows they need for the restaurant.  If all goes well, this request will be heard at the next Community Council meeting, scheduled for Wednesday December 19th at 6:30 at the Mack Love Center in Decatur.

Clearly McDonald's sees room for two restaurants given that the existing restaurant serves what their studies must show is a different customer than their proposed new location would. 

The fact that the giant burger chain sees their being sufficient business to support two locations so close reminds me of the fact that there was once a Waffle House restaurant on each side of the Clairmont Road exit as well.  Waffle House kept open their location across from the current McDonald's, tucked behind the BP, but closed their location on the other side of I-85 which now serves as a makeshift car wash facility. 

McDonald's has been quite busy intown, as they are also in talks to open new locations on both North Druid Hills (on the site of the former Atlanta Diner) and at Buford Highway and Clairmont (on the site of the former Book Nook, package store, etc.)  The North Druid Hills location would be in addition to their recently renovated location about a half mile away.  A meeting about this location took place last month and was postponed at that time.  The meeting to discuss a reduction in parking is now scheduled for 11/14.  The planned location on Buford Highway and Clairmont Road would replace an older location about 3 tenths of a mile away on Buford Highway. 

The company has been instituting new menu rollouts and restaurant renovations, both of which have angered  franchisees.  

The Sagamore Hills / Leafmore communities are largely against the project fearing both increased traffic as well as potential issue for the existing fire station opposite the proposed restaurant.

What do you think of this planned McDonald's?  Would the Golden Arches tarnish the neighborhood if they were to open this new location?  If not a McDonald's what should become of this parcel... if anything?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  


Anonymous said...

What?!? First they are going to
build one at Buford/Clairmont, now
next to the new QT? And what are
they going to do with the ones in
front of Sam's and the one across
from Drew Valley? Are you telling
us they are going to have four(?!?)
within a mile radius?

Atlantan99 said...

Hi anon,

Currently the plan is to keep open the one in front of Sam's though the Drew Valley location will close if / when the new restaurant opens in front of the Kroger.

Thanks for reading the blog and for the comments.

mindspringyahoo said...

why is it an issue for the fire station? The fire-persons would probably be thrilled to have it across the street.

I know that making a left turn out of there at certain times of day could be quite perilous, and there will probably be a handful of accidents per year.

Molly@The Nesting Game said...

I live in the neighborhood and it wouldn't bother me. I'd love to see that entire intersection revitalized, but with more than chain businesses. I would prefer a starbucks, but McD's coffee ain't so bad either...

TheJohnP said...

What's going to go in that corner lot where the Vol Repair shop used to reside before they moved to Decatur?

Seems an easier location for a McDs

Lilburn cosmetic family dentist said...

Wow!! I love their burgers but I cant have because of my teeth

Rugs said...

Why would your teeth cause problems eating McDonald's hamburgers?

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