Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sherwin-Williams Primed For Sage Hill Relocation

Cleveland, Ohio-based Sherwin-Williams will soon be relocating their current Sage Hill location.
The national paint, stain and other home finishing supplies retailer plans to move from their current location in the Kroger-anchored Sage Hill shopping center to a soon-to-be-built freestanding location across the street.  The site on which they will build, at the corner of Briarcliff and Zonolite Roads,  had been home to an emissions testing faciliy for many years until it was demolished a few weeks ago.  The demolition of the emissions facility promoted intense neighborhood and reader interest, not to mention my own. 

I was finally able to get a confirmation of the opening earlier this week but was personally hoping for something a little more exciting but hey, at least it's not another bank.  I'm told that the current Sherwin-Williams will close in late February or early March and will be immedaitely followed by the opening of the new location. 

Sherwin-Williams has an exisiting location on North Druid Hill Road, in front of Target Greatland, about 2 miles from the current and upcoming Sage Hill stores. 

What would you like to see open at Sage Hill shopping center in place of Sherin-Williams?  Have you been to the new Pizza Bella ( formerly Jagger's ) in Sage Hill shopping center?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Please share your comments below.


SB said...

That's pretty boring as FSU new comes.

Jenna S. said...

I thought that was where they were supposedly putting a new Marta line and that the vet at the animal hospital was very upset about his location (or parking lot, rather) being ruined?

Anonymous said...

That was going to happen but the T Splost did not pass. The good news here is that someone is gonna spend a lot of money removing the old fuel tanks from the site to get it ready for the new building and even if the paint store goes under there will be a nice new and viable storefront in this area. This area of Dekalb county seems stuck in the late 1980's.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Love shopping at Sherwin Williams

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