Friday, December 7, 2012

Dress Up Boutique and Big Peach Running to TOWN Brookhaven

Dress Up Boutique and Big Peach Running Co. are headed to TOWN Brookhaven.

Dress Up Boutique will open near THERE gastropub, across from Marshalls, while Big Peach is opening between Olde Blind Dog and BUA.

Dress Up started in Dahlonega in 2009, and has since expanded to include boutiques in Suwanee, Gainesville, Woodstock and Alpharetta.This will be the chain's first intown store and I worry they may not realize what they're getting into.  TOWN Brookhaven is already home to a number of local boutiques, including Boogaloos, Collage Boutique, Edyn Boutique and Lila Boutique.

Big Peach Running Co. caters to athletic consumers and  currently has locations in Suwanee, Kennesaw, Decatur, Alpharetta, Marietta and an existing Brookhaven location in Cherokee Plaza.  The chain's seventh location is currently under construction on Peachtree Street in midtown and will likely open after the first of the year.

The current Brookhaven location in Cherokee Plaza will close and relocate to TOWN Brookhaven towards the end of February or early March.  

Dress Up hopes to open in mid to late January.

The Big Peach relocation makes sense to me, despite the lack of upfront parking.  Dress Up opening in such a saturated intown market seems far less wise.

What do you think?  Will both stores find success in TOWN Brookhaven or will Dress Up's store be more of an cameo?  What business would you like to see in TOWN Brookhaven? 


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid there are too many boutiques in that development but Big Peach adds a nice new element to what is supposed to be a walkable community. It makes sense that it is there.

Speaking of there, how long do you think There will survive? I haven't been but when I do drive by, even at peak hours, it never seems to be busy.

ABC said...

No one asked me, but Im There frequently. Sunday-Wednesday usually is slow, and then it picks up quite a bit Thurs-Sat. The food is outstanding; you should come in sometime and try something. I have never had a bad experience, no matter what I order. Definitely not bar food, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
That said, I share your concern as well, and the next 6 months will be critical in my opinion. They do have a very loyal following.

Anonymous said...

No one asked me either, but There is amazing, and has a loyal following. It's a small space, and fairly full every time I visit every couple of weeks. The food is outstanding, and very welcome in the area, where we have mostly chains.

Anonymous said...

I'm the original commenter - will be sure to check out There soon.


ABC said...

To Orig. Commenter: If you like burgers, let me suggest the Bison Burger; just outstanding. Otherwise try Mahi Cubano sandwich, sausage/pepper sandwich, split pea soup, and pretty much the whole menu.
Fries are prob best in town, and if you dont like fries, then the get green beans or butternut squash. You wont be disappointed, and the small space produces a good vibe in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Finally tried THERE. It was busy and seemed that they were short staffed so service was slow but not for a lack of trying. Food (THERE burger) was good but not great. I'd go again when it isn't as busy.

ABC said...

Meanwhile, Swirl in Town Brookhaven just closed tonight.

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