Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boardwalk Burgers & Fries Flying From Midtown to Hartsfield

Boardwalk Burgers & Fries has closed at Ansley Mall.

The Columbia, Maryland-based burger and fry chain re-entered the Atlanta market in late 2010 with a location in Sandy Springs.  That location closed in November 2011, and then re-opened in March of last year, before closing again in October.

The midtown location opened in late 2011, and even before it opened, I knew it would be a challenge.  The chain's interior lacked character and its food (other than their amazing fries) lacked flavor.  

A source tells me that the restaurant closed after dinner service yesterday and today employees are clearing the place out.  Apparently the restaurant is "moving" to Concourse A of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in late March. Ironically enough, when  the chain's Sandy Springs location closed, a Boardwalk rep told me it had "moved" to midtown.

In 2008, franchisees announced plans for up to 50 locations across metro Atlanta.  With zero now, and one on its way to Hartsfield-Jackson, that goal seems to have been permanently derailed.  

I've had both locations on my DeathWatch repeatedly, so their closure comes as little surprise.  What do you think?  What should open in place of Boardwalk at Ansley Mall?  Do you agree the burgers were awful while the fries were amazing?  Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny:

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this go -- I was a fan.

TheJohnP said...

It's been a Loaf Deal for awhile. Hope that's not the new kiss of death like Scoutmob!! (j/k)

Anonymous said...

Bad food for a bunch of unsuspecting trapped travelers
It will probably thrive there since the average American is
obese and just wants to eat cheap junk food
You are what you eat and for those that think you can get
a quality meal for under $9.00, dream on and enjoy that
processed chain garbage!

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