Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Newk's Express Cafe Slows it Down

Jackson, Mississippi-based Newk's Express Cafe has re-branded themselves as simply Newk's Eatery.

The fast casual chain started by the founders of McCallister's Deli has ditched the "Express Cafe" branding in favor of simply "Eatery" apparently because they felt express cafe made them seem like a coffee shop.  Along with the branding change, the logo also received a revamp with a wise move to a single color; black.
The previous logo was black, red and yellow, and fairly ugly in my opinion. 

The branding and logo change is far from complete, and is only visible in limited areas.  Cups, certain collateral material and inside signage sport the new branding, but exterior signage, a far more costly change, won't be changed until later.
Newk's has two metro Atlanta locations, one in Lawrenceville on Duluth Highway, and the other off Peachtree Road in TOWN Brookhaven.  A third Newk's is located south of the city in Newnan.

The company launched in Oxford, Mississippi in 2004, and has since expanded to about 100 locations.  The Newk's menu has a wide variety of soups and sandwiches and more recently saw the addition of a number of mac & cheese selections. 

What are your thoughts on Newk's?  Do you think the new look is better or worse than the former branding?  Where would you like to see another Newk's opened in Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below


Anonymous said...

Initially I was unsure of Newk's simply because of the name and corny logo that looked like a five-year old designed it but I gave it a shot and I like the place.

Rugs said...

Love Newk's and McAllister's. Lived just outside of Oxford when they were introduced, and proudly ate at the first McAllister's.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Their pizzas and sandwiches are delicious. I honestly have never had a bad experience there. Great for kids too!

Jan said...

Newk's is the best. Hands down. What's not to like?!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit it, I was pulled kicking and screaming into Newk's because the really ugly logo turned me off so much. Just goes to show how important branding is.

By the way. The food was awesome.

Anonymous said...

We eat at the Town Brookhaven location all the time. Have never had a bad meal. Sandwiches are incredible and pizzas surprisingly good. Great staff too. Agree the new logo looks much better. Old one looks like a pre-school sign.

Anonymous said...

Never gave a thought to the logo or the branding. If the food is good, I keep going back, as I do often at Newk's. Great staff, great food, great service. And half off beer and wine all day on Fridays? Can't beat that!

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