Friday, March 15, 2013

Creole Nouvelle Deux, Coming Soon to Sandy Springs

Creole Nouvelle, a Cajun eatery, will open soon at Belle Isle Square on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.

The restaurant will open in the former Fishmonger, on the back side of the shopping center.  The Roswell Road facing portion of the center is home to Cibo E Beve, Food 101, New York Butcher Shoppe and a host of other businesses.  

Creole Nouvelle was previously located on Luckie Street in downtown Atlanta, but closed abruptly in late 2010.  The restaurant originally opened in the fall of 2009 under the branding Parish Market, but later changed its name.   Apparently, owner Tre' Brown was threatened with legal action by Concentrics Restaurants,  owner of existing concept Parish Foods & Market in Inman Park.

I visited the downtown location in 2009 and 2010, and recently drove by the Buckhead restaurant.  Whereas the downtown location was both a restaurant and mini grocery store, the new location seems to emphasize the restaurant fare rather than grocery.  I don't know for sure, but the space seems quite a bit larger than the previous location, with room for a small outdoor patio.

The restaurant's website is not yet functional nor was I able to find an active facebook page. Based on the progress I saw, I'd anticipate an opening within the next few weeks.  

Do you think the hidden location will doom Creole Nouvelle in its new home?  If you liked Creole Nouvelle when it was downtown, will you be driving to Sandy Springs to experience it once again?  Will you bypass the nearby Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in favor of this local concept?  

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Anonymous said...

"The restaurant will open in the former Fishmonger, on the back side of the shopping center."

There is a backside to the shopping center???? I have driven past there for over a decade and had NO IDEA!!!!

Awesome signage, Belle Isle Square.

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