Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Modern Restaurant + Bar --> UPDATE

The drama that is Modern Restaurant + Bar continues...

About two weeks ago I broke news that Modern Restaurant + Bar in Buckhead had closed.  Details and opinions began to pour in.  Some readers weighed in on why the restaurant closed, while others suggested what should replace it. 

The restaurant repeatedly claimed to be "reopening" but after three delays, has yet to do so. 

Today, Vigor Marketing released a statement on behalf of the restaurant.  The statement made clear that they were no longer employed by Modern in any PR or marketing capacity, but answered some questions regarding the restaurant's closure.

Below are highlights from the release.

Kane Xu (the owner/operator of Modern Restaurant) had hired Philippe Haddad as the consulting Director of Operations for 90 days. When the numbers were not there to support the contract, Kane released Haddad from his post.

Revisions to the menu that included lower price points and more approachable menu items were announced.

Executive Chef Mark Alba was informed of the pending menu changes and walked out, taking with him key staff members.

The departures of Chef Alba and others forced Kane to temporarily close Modern as he searches for replacement personnel to staff the restaurant and reopen.   

There is currently no definitive date for Modern’s reopening

***Given intel I have received from first hand sources and readers, I question the legitimacy and honesty of basically everything in this release. 

So, in conclusion, Modern Restaurant + Bar is without a General Manager, Executive Chef  and P.R. Firm but may (or may not) reopen, at some point. 

What do you think?  Is Kane Xu F.o.S.?  Would Mark Alba really walk off?  Is this restaurant fixable?


Anonymous said...

A former employee told me that they've never seen a restaurant go so bad so fast

Anonymous said...

Modern was never a popular restaurant or a major player so why not just move on???

nsk said...

Show us the actual press release.

And why would a fired marketing firm say anything about a former client?

SB said...

I went for a happy hour and was blown away by the drink prices, what a joke. There were 2 tables dining on a wednesday nite from 6-830pm.

Anonymous said...

Why would a pr firm put out a statement and also distance themselves from Modern. How are the readers to interpret any of that release?

Atlantan99 said...


Given the release has claims and facts now proven to be false, I will not be posting it publicly.

Thanks for your comments and readership.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is a restaurant contractor and did some extensive renovations for modern. He is owed nearly 250k by them and has taken them to court. They are in bankruptcy protection so they are. It opening anytime soon. I live just a few hundred yards down the road from this place and I don't know anyone who even gives a crap.

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