Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pink Popcorn Pops into Buckhead

Pink Popcorn plans to open soon on Roswell Road in Buckhead

With the popcorn craze making a surprisingly late entry into Buckhead, Pink Popcorn will be the third popcorn shop to open in Buckhead in the past year.  In suburban areas like Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Kennesaw and elsewhere, popcorn shops have been around (in quantity) for well over a year, with some now being mini chains.  The common denominator in most operations is that most claim to offer "over 250 flavors." 

Pink Popcorn will open between Domino's Pizza and Tex's Tacos on Roswell Road in central Buckhead.

I previously wrote about popcorn shops last November, mentioning both a number of growing national franchises as well as a couple that have roots in Atlanta and were looking to grow.  LockHeart Popcorn was found predominantly in suburban malls like Cumberland in Cobb and Arbor Place in Douglasville, but seems to have since reduced their number of locations.  Popcorn Haven is often found in strip centers and operates about a dozen franchised and licensed locations. 

Neither of these operators nor national franchisor Doc Popcorn have a presence in Buckhead.  Instead, independent operations exist in the form of It's Poppin' on Peachtree Road near Grandview Avenue, and CaJa, also on Peachtree in the Peachtree Battle shopping center.  CaJa recently partnered with Concentrics restaurants to create "chef-driven" popcorn flavors, while It's Poppin' is owned by Ardra Tippett of Decatur's Cake Cafe.

Is the popcorn craze a little late to Buckhead?  Are you a fan of flavored popcorn?  What has a better chance of longterm success, popcorn or yogurt?  


AJ said...

When Garrett's comes to Atlanta, I'll be interested. Until then, microwave popcorn is sufficient for me!

TheJohnP said...

+100 on AJ's comment.

I could go for some Chicago mix right now.

Anonymous said...

Just like the cupcake/muffin craze, which finally shows signs of dying, I can't wait for this (imo) untenable "business" idea to die a painful death as well.

AJ said...

While I want Garrett's to come to Atlanta, I do not hope for any craze to "die a painful death". There's plenty of room for cupcakes, popcorn, ice cream, yogurt, burgers, etc. If all these "crazes" die out, then we'll have lots of available retail space sitting empty. People are spending their money investing in businesses. I have no idea why anyone would want to see them fail...

Anonymous said...

The popcorn place at The Prado is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Jun24, 2013 8:26 AM -

You sound like you're a sockpuppet of another account? I'd have to agree with the other user stating that the popcorn craze should die out. Eating microwave popcorn is better than eating at a "gourmet shop popcorn". That type of business will never survive.

Anonymous said...

Garrets has been around since 1941, so the industry does have staying power

I'm always amazed when people can determine what type of business will survive and what will not. If they are so at determining what will happen next I hope they are making a killing in their own business or as an investor.

If not you should be more positive of these people who are risking their financial health to bring jobs to this community.

People like them create jobs in store, buy supplies, rent spaces and make other purchases that continue to improve our communities financial health.

I know for a fact that Tiffany's Popcorn Cafe in Decatur employs 7 young adults and has brought a treat to our community that most other companies will ignore and they have a loyal following.

They also have done many fundraisers with other organizations in the area like Camby Lane Elementry, Wings of A Dove Christian Academy, Towers High School Band, Chapel Hill Middle School Concert Band and numerous sports teams. Because I'm there often enough and the owners are very caring, they are preparing to do a fundraiser with Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Atlanta Affiliate.

We should lift people up instead of tearing them down.

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