Monday, August 26, 2013

daVia Italian Market Eating Coming Soon to Perimeter Place

daVia Italian Market Eating will open soon in Dunwoody.

International quick-serve and casual-dining restaurant operator AmRest is opening its first daVia Italian Market Dining Eating in Dunwoody's Perimeter Place shopping center. (Earlier versions had the word "Dining" in place of "Eating," a change that was likely made to sound more casual.   The restaurant will open in a corner location, opposite Panera Bread, replacing the failed Raving Brands Big Game Brands concept, Doc Green's Gourmet Salads & Grill, which closed earlier this year.

daVia's space  is 2600 square feet and will have seating for 90 patrons.

Details of daVia have been scarce, to say the least, with no website, facebook, twitter or other platform. is listed as the restaurant's website but the site itself is unfinished and provides no useful information.

According to a manager reached for comment at the restaurant, they hope to be open September 16th.

A Craigslist ad seeking team members proclaims "you can be part of something special." (AmRest is) "passionate about guest service & operational excellence and a commitment to its employee's growth and development."

The restaurant is said to be "fast casual," putting it in the same class as fellow Perimeter Place eateries Tin Drum Asia Cafe, Panera Bread and Chipotle.

Wroclaw, Poland-based AmRest is an international restaurant franchisee and operator of its own concepts like La Tagliatella and franchised eateries like KFC and Applebee's.  AmRest purchased La Tagliatella and its then owner Restauravia in 2011.  AmRest apparently sees La Tagliatella fueling global expansion, noting the restaurant has an "efficient business model."

AmRest brought their La Tagliatella Italian restaurant to the U.S. late last year with a "flagship" opening at The Shops at Metropolis on Peachtree in Midtown.  A second location also opened  on Clifton Road near Emory University at Emory Point.  Another location later opened in Arlington, Virginia with another coming soon to the Epicentre in Charlotte.

La Tagliatella received one of the worst reviews ever by Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema.  Sietsema called La Tagliatella "A Threat to Our Nation."

Sietsema said of their menus: "The slick menus with their commercial-grade food shots suggest the sort of reading you might find on the desk of a budget hotel or the seat pocket of an airplane."

Locally, Jon Watson of the AJC gave La Tagliatella's Emory Point location zero stars, calling it "mediocre."

It seems to me that daVia Italian Market Dining will a scaled down and more casual version of La Tagliatella, perhaps a cross between Artuzzi's and Figo Pasta?

What are your thoughts on this new concept?  Will daVia find success in Dunwoody?  Does the phrase "Italian Market Eating" in the full name confuse you?  Please share your thoughts below.


Amy said...

More crap from Amrest. They do frozen food. Fresh is not in their vocabulary.

Chad said...

Amy sounds bitter!
I love LaTagliatella.
Food is great. Can't wait to try this new place.

Anonymous said...

"Amy sounds bitter!"...I AREE Chad!

But I am really excited about this new concept. Can not wait to try it.

Unknown said...

Recently went to Davia at Perimeter Center and it was AMAZING - fresh ingredients and fast easy service. Staff is great and atmosphere is nice. I had The flat bread wrap with pasta (yes sounds weird but its awesome)chicken, spinach, greek olives, feta and some italian cream dressing - to die for! Can't wait to go back!

Anonymous said...

The female in there kitchen has herpes an hepatitis cooking yall food I kno cause she dates my son Google herpes an will go to her maniger quickly cause if she spit in the food yall could catch it as well cause she not on no type of meds I dnt allow her to do no cookin in my hm period hell nooo

Anonymous said...

Mignola is a cook there wit various infections dnt nd to be there

Anonymous said...

I recently ate at Da Via and loved it. Food was very fresh and I enjoyed the experience. I would definitely recommend it to people for lunch who work in the area.

Unknown said...

omg this was amazing i had the Piada crazy delicious planning my return

Ed&Colleen Trainor said...

Tried this new to Dunwoody restaurant, initial server explained all the various food options; we had pasta bowls, (wife-meat balls, me-chicken). Good size portions, a little cheese on top, all tasted great. Reasonably priced. Clean dining room and rest rooms. Friendly manager/owner Scott and after sale waitstaff. Staff interacted with other families who were dining. Appears to be family/children friendly. Great view from within to outside locale. Was raining but on dry day the outside patio area seemed inviting. Will definitely go again. Could bring family as prices are OK for small groups.

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