Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Kosher Emporium is Coming to Toco Hill : The Spicy Peach

The Spicy Peach is coming to Toco Hill

Friends Lydia Schloss, Tzippy Teller and Jodi Wittenberg plan to open their new business, The Spicy Peach, at Toco Hill next month.

The Spicy Peach will open alongside Bagel Palace, in a space most recently occupied by Zen Fusion Decor.

The ladies are reportedly bringing a number of previously unavailable in Atlanta food items to the metro area for the first time.

Items listed as "Never before in Atlanta area are as follows:

Zermatok Israeli Chocolate 
Bouquets iMani  
Chocolatiers Pretzels (parve & pas) 
Giambri's Quality Sweets 
Barnett's Fine Biscotti 
O'Goody's Candies
Candy wheels & gift baskets 
Sulfite-free grape juice 
Creamed honey
Honey Stix 
Israeli Honey

The store will also sell Yeshiva Atlanta honey.

The store's tagline is "Groceries, Gifts and Goodies," and its Facebook page says it will sell Thai, Asian, and Mexican food products, along with candy, paper goods, Persian and Israeli groceries and gift baskets.  The Spicy Peach will also feature a soup & salad bar, pressed paninis, frozen foods, and assorted cheeses, olives and pickles.

The store will operate under supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission meaning at the very least, it will have to be closed on Saturday and will likely have limited hours on Friday.

For now the store has been operating abbreviated hours with a limited selection of their offerings and hopes to have the work on their space completed by next month.

The store's logo looks strikingly similar to the Peach logo that grants movie-makers that extra 10% tax rebate when included in the credits of films.


glen said...

Nice article although that last paragraph seems to have no real point. Wish them luck. I may have to stop by there if I am down that way.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that that Georgia symbol has a trademark on it and if this new place is looked upon as encroaching on that mark, they might have to alter things a little bit.

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