Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avellino's Wants a Slice of Busy Brookhaven Market

More pizza is coming to Brookhaven.

Avellino's Pizza is opening a second location in Brookhaven.  The new pizza shop is opening on Windsor Parkway, not far from TOWN Brookhaven.  The space was reportedly a former creperie but I don't recall ever seeing it in business.  

The original Avellino's opened in 2009 and is located on West College Avenue in Decatur.

When the Decatur location opened it was branded "Avellino's Pizza Caffe." Today it's labeled "Avellino's Pizza Pub." The new Brookhaven location reflects yet another branding, "Avellino's Wood Fired Pizza."  I'm told the menu will be the same at both locations.  Avellino's serves a variety of salads, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches (Italian Hero) and classic Italian desserts.

There is no shortage of pizza in and around Brookhaven with Galla's, Corner Pizza, treza, Mellow Mushroom and Pizza Shack among the more notable area offerings.  It will be interesting to see how Avellino's fares and whether their odd location pays off.  While their location is in Brookhaven, it's not on Peachtree or Dresden and therefore might be thought of by some a second rate location, on the surface this is true.  The one key ingredient in this location is that it would provide a great base for possible delivery in the Brookhaven and even North Buckhead Neighborhoods.

As of now, plans call for the new Avellino's to open in late October.

Where is your go to spot for pizza in Brookhaven?
Do you think this is a hidden gem of a location?
Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

I would think most of their business would have to be delivery or to looks like there is very little parking. Lots of houses around there. May be good to walk to...although there is non- stop traffic during rush hour. I drive by there everyday.

Anonymous said...

The space was Au Rendezvous for quite a few years before they moved to Clairmont Road in Chamblee. While they do serve crepes, they are a French bistor run by a Vietnamese family. It is definitely a unique location, but if the pizza is good I think they will do very well. Probably a ton of take out, as they are right where many cars are bumper to bumper in the evening rush hour at the 4-way stop sign.

The wood fired oven should differentiate it from the other pizza places which mostly are not. Again if it is good, they will do well.

cafeej said...

The location was previously occupied by a family owned French restaurant called Au Rendezvous. It relocated to Claremont road across from Peachtree-Dekalb airport, and opened the current space for Avellinos.

I currently go to Galla's for my pie, but will likely give Avellino's a shot since it will be across the street from me. Given the residential infill development behind the space and the heavy traffic along Windsor Parkway, they should have no difficulty getting a first look from potential customers.

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and am excited to see it open. I remember seeing their Decatur location featured on Food Network's Heat Seekers. My favorite spot in the area right now is Corner Pizza.

Anonymous said...

Echo most of the comments here. I think it is a great location for a pizza shop. Lynwood Park is home to many young professionals and families. There is actually ample parking if you look at it on Google I would imagine that you would have great walk-up from the surrounding neighborhoods including Oglethorpe. I was actually pulling for a Fellini's in that spot...but it is most certainly too close to the location on Roswell Rd.

One note...Gallas has done such a good job plugging in with the local schools, Corner Pizza is locally owned, and Vintage Pizza is locally owned/plugged in with schools..and I think all three advertise at Murphey ask anyone in North Brookhaven and those are generally the spots that are the 'go to' pizza joints. I hope they do well.

Anonymous said...

Was hoping for a Savi Urban Market or a decent neighborhood coffee shop in this spot since Library Coffee moved out from Dresden... But can never complain about pizza.

Anonymous said...

This is a great location and for me walkable. I used to go to Au Rendevous as well which is missed. We need neighborhood places like this in Brookhaven.

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