Friday, September 20, 2013

CRU Urban Lounge Reportedly Purchased by Grace Lee of "The Cru"

CRU Urban Lounge reportedly has a new owner.

CRU Urban Lounge, which closed last month after opening in 2006, has reportedly been leased to Grace Lee, owner of midtown establishment, Cruzado.

Lee, a self proclaimed restaurant critic turned restaurant owner, opened Cruzado on 5th Street last summer. Cruzado  replaced Las Palmeras, thought of by many as the best Cuban restaurant in Atlanta, and a restaurant that lasted 20 years.

Cruzado maintained a largely Cuban menu with additional Latin American offerings.

More recently, Cruzado has added the all too familiar "lounge" to its branding with about half the restaurant dedicated to those wanting a lounge environment.  Additionally, the restaurant offers hookah five nights a week.

Coincidentally, Cruzado's Facebook page refers to the restaurant as "The Cru," so it seems fitting Lee would take over the CRU space.

No word on how soon the new restaurant will open or if a name change will take place.

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