Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Greater Good BBQ Coming to Buckhead

The Greater Good Barbecue is coming to Buckhead.

Clay Harper is best known for his seven-unit chain of Fellini's Pizza restaurants, but he also owns the five-unit  La Fonda Latina group of restaurants, and last summer, opened the first The Greater Good Barbecue restaurant on Hugh Howell Road in Tucker.   

The Greater Good Barbecue in Buckhead will open alongside Fellini's Pizza and La Fonda Latina on Roswell Road, just north of Wieuca Road.  The BBQ joint is replacing what was most recently Ringside Franks & Shakes.  The hot dog eatery opened in late 2011, itself replacing another failed Harper concept, Three on the Tree, a FroYo shop.  Ringside was operated and part owned by Jeremy Kelly, a longtime Fellini's manager, and former partner in Three on the Tree.  

Ringside closed this past June, and up until recently was offered on a local real estate website for sale with the offer to "keep or convert."  It would seem that unable to get the business sold or property leased, Harper is giving his now established, albeit in Tucker, BBQ concept a try in Buckhead.  

The Greater Good offers a variety of barbecue options such as pulled pork, pulled chicken, dry rub and brisket, as well plenty of smoked chicken wings.  Classic sides like mac 'n cheese, collard greens and tater tots are among the "scratch made" side items also available.  

The Tucker location is easily four times as large as the Buckhead store (with a far greater supply of parking) so I'm curious to see if the new location debuts an abbreviated menu.  

Sources say The Greater Good Buckhead is scheduled to open "within two weeks." 

Where is your favorite barbecue in Atlanta?  

What menu item must The Greater Good feature for you to give them a shot?  
Were you sad to see Ringside close?  
Please weigh in below and share your thoughts.  


Anonymous said...

I need to try the one in Tucker since it is close to my house. We normally order BBQ from Hickory House (Dunwoody location . .don't like Northlake location.) Drive past the Buckhead location often but no matter what they put there parking is limited and is a hassle. Won't go to that location.

Anonymous said...

Heirloom BBQ on Akers Mill

KRH said...

I live in walking distance and agree with Anonymous 12:31 PM, that location is so bad for parking. Hope they do well, my husband eats at the location in Tucker and says it's very good.

We walked up yesterday, they told us they're opening next week.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick to the Pig n Chik up Roswell Rd. Plenty of parking and delicious BBQ.

Vett Vandiver said...

I love DBA BBQ in Virg Highlands

Billy said...

I'll give it a try for sure but it will have to be really good to go there instead of the Pig N' Chik one mile up the street which is very popular with locals. Not to mention Heirloom just a short drive away as well.

Anonymous said...

Is there another BBQ joint opening up next to Chipotle? Lucky's BBQ I think is what is called. Saw a "coming soon" sign so unless that has always been there and I haven't noticed it there might be some additional competition.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Lucky's,

Yes, It's called Lovies BBQ and it should be opening within a month or so.

I wrote about it back in April

Thanks for the comment and readership.

Peggy said...

I went to Greater Good BBQ today on Roswell Road and it was so good. BBQ was melt in your mouth, ribs were finger licking good. I am a BBQ lover from way back and live closer to Pig N Chick but you have got to try this place. The sides were excellent. I had the homemade potato salad and homemade coleslaw both very good. I did not have a problem with parking or getting in and out of the parking lot. I think if you love BBQ you should try this place. You will not be sorry.

Anonymous said...

I have never eaten at the original location but decided to give the Roswell Road location a try.

Parking was no problem but getting into the parking lot was a challenge. Nobody is going to let you make a left turn there at lunch time! Place was crowded but many people sat outside since it was a nice day.

Service was very good and the food held its own. They have a clean, simple menu with BBQ as the star which is how it should be. If they can keep it up, there is no reason why they should not be very successful in this location.

SB said...

This has been open for awhile now and I finally tried in a couple weeks ago. I was shocked how good it was. Parking is a mess. Whatever.

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