Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New RaceTrac is Coming to Kennesaw

RaceTrac is coming to Kennesaw.

Atlanta-based RaceTrac is planning a new location in Kennesaw.  The new gas station and convenience store will open in place of an existing structure, formerly home to Kangaroo Bob's, a children's play & party center.  The structure was originally built as an Eckerd Drugs.

If you're not familiar with the area, the planned location is directly across the street from an existing QuikTrip. The exact location is at the corner of Bells Ferry Road and Bramford Way. Although RaceTrac had a 75 year head start in building out their Atlanta network, they have been playing catch-up to Tulsa-based QuikTrip.  In many cases, RaceTrac has been aggressively targeting new locations across the street from, or within close proximity of, existing or new QuikTrip locations.

If all goes well, the new RaceTrac featuring 18 pumps, should open mid to late 2014.

Although there has been no opposition that I'm aware of thus far, the new location is situated in front of a large residential community. The Park at Bells Ferry is located down Bramford Way, around the corner from the planned site.  Nearby residents have been known to be vocal in opposing convenience stores locating themselves close to to residential areas.

RaceTrac faced community opposition to new locations it had hoped to open in both Marietta and Decatur, and in each case, the locations have been tabled indefinitely.  The Decatur location would have been located on Lawrenceville Highway, across from an existing QT.  The parcel RaceTrac had its eye on was sized perfectly for their needs and was vacant, but was also in close proximity to a large residential community who fought the opening.  In Marietta, the location would have replaced a vacant T.G.I. Friday's, but traffic concerns from residents led to RaceTrac abandoning its plans.

In 2011, a QuikTrip was proposed on Moreland Avenue in Ormewood Park, but similarly to the RaceTrac situation on Lawrenceville Highway, the location was too close to residences for the community's taste and the plans were eventually abandoned.

New RaceTrac locations are currently under construction in Cumming, Norcross and Snellville.  The Cumming location on Peachtree Parkway is scheduled to open February 10th, followed by the Norcross location on Jimmy Carter Boulevard on February 13th.  The Snellville location on Scenic Highway will follow later in the spring, with a projected opening of April 11th.  


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. There are many other stores that could do well at this location. RaceTrac is not as good as QT.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, have to disagree. Racetrac is far and away my favorite for size, service, selection, cleanliness... And I've been driving for 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Why do Dallas Texas, racetrac turn off their cappuccino machine so early. I get off at 11:30, l rush to this store number #9620, in Dallas Texas, nothing hot to drink. Please e-mail me at herbertwilson70@gmail.com,l would appreciate a answer. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why do racetrace turn off their cappuccino machine so early

Anonymous said...

Please put E85 not ethonal free thank you

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