Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Starbucks Opening New Location to Midtown

Starbucks is bringing a new location to Georgia Tech area.

Seattle-based Starbucks is bringing a new coffee shop to midtown Atlanta.  The new Starbucks will open in place of the shuttered Arby's restaurant at 744 Spring Street.  Arby's closed the location this past November, and I immediately got a tip that Starbucks was the likely replacement.  I reached out to Palmer Bayless who represents Starbucks locally and he was unable to confirm any plans.  

It seems now that the deal is final and work will soon begin to convert the building for Starbucks.  Last year, Starbucks announced that 60 percent of the 1,500 new stateside locations planned to open through the next five years will have drive-thru windows.  The existing Arby's drive-thru would seem to work perfectly to both follow this planned growth and to capitalize on a previously untapped drive-thru market in midtown.  

Starbucks operates a handful of locations in midtown already, including one at Barnes & Noble at Technology Square, about a block from the new Starbucks.  Starbucks also has a location at 7th and Peachtree, about a half mile from the new location.

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Anonymous said...

And while they are at it, move to a larger space in the Peachtree Battle area. The current location there is terrible. It's impossible to get in there when they are busy and not just the drive thru. Parking is ridiculous and the store itself gets so crowded people have nowhere to even stand to get their drinks. They are constantly running out of things, including bags. So if you go and buy some cups, accessories or coffee or even a $250 coffee maker, you just have to carry it all out in your arms with no bag and no one seems to care. Oh and you have to carry it all the way over to the parking lot in front of Rite Aid too. It's fantastic that you have such great business there, now stop treating your regular cust's like garbage.

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