Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buckhead May Soon Be Home to Bartaco

Bartaco is opening in north Buckhead.

Barteca, the Norwalk, Connecticut-based group behind Barcelona Wine Bar, is planning yet another location of its new bartaco concept.   Current plans are to open late this year at Powers Ferry Square in north Buckhead.  The hip restaurant will replace the shuttered Dunkin' Donuts with an additional 2,000 square feet being added to the existing space. Plans also call for bartaco to have a cool outdoor patio.

Bartaco Buckhead could provide nearby Tin Lizzy's with some serious competition. 

Bartaco currently has four locations: three in Connecticut and one in New York.   

Bartaco is described on its website as: 

"Inspired by the beach culture around the world, bartaco brings upscale street food with a coastal vibe in a relaxed and stylish environment."  

"Served in small plates, the cuisine is rooted in the Mexican tradition but pulls from a broad palate of bold, spicy flavors from Asia, the Mediterranean and beyond."

Bartaco's beverage menu features 

"state of the art juicers that ensure freshly-squeezed juice in all of the unique cocktails, over 25 tequilas."  

Bartaco's main menu features a number of tacos ranging in price from $2.50 to $7 with virtually nothing on the menu priced more than $10 for an individual serving.

A unique aspect of the bartaco menu is that it's entirely  gluten free.  With celiac disease at record levels, and others jumping on the bandwagon for heath reasons, more and more restaurants are offering gluten free options.  

Barcelona opened in Inman Park in late 2011 and has proven extremely popular.  Barteca is clearly banking on similar success with bartaco.

Bartaco should open its westside location in late June / early July followed by the Buckhead location late this year.  The 280 Elizabeth Street location in Inman Park will mark the group's third and likely final Atlanta area location when it opens Q1/Q2 2015.


Anonymous said...

Tin Lizzie's is so meh

JenniferGFinGA said...

Hey Eli, can you put me in touch with someone from the restaurant? I would like to get more information on the entirely gluten-free menu.



Theron Sapp said...

Imagine! Finally, someplace in North Buckhead to get a deluxe taco. Now if we only had some frozen yogurt....

Seriously, I wish somebody would just build us a decent neighborhood tavern.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - email Adam Halberg at for any questions about the menu.

Anonymous said...

I am a north buckhead resident. Ate at bartaco westside tonight.

Cool place. It will flounder in north buckhead though. Not a place for kids... At all. The dollars in north buckhead belong to those with kids.

Tin lizzy already has the young, non-kid Buckhead crowd paying too much for tacos. Not enough room for another.

Also, you have to eat at least 5 tacos to get an actual meal, as they are billed as "small tacos"... Seems kinda cool and trendy while you are there, but now I just feel ripped off. Dropped $50 per person for decent tacos and margaritas. WTF is that. Stupid.

Bartaco will fail in buckhead. Good thing Regency has no idea what they are doing and probably funded the entire buildout. Andre will still get his LC, so the shareholders will ultimately lose out. I miss dunkin donuts

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