Monday, April 28, 2014

More Cook-Out Opportunities Coming to Georgia

Cook-Out's brand spankin new location on Moreland Avenue 
Cook-Out is coming to Kennesaw and Macon.

North Carolina-based Cook-Out is planning to open new locations in both Macon and Kennesaw in addition to previously announced locations in Savannah, Pooler, West Midtown and Rome.  

The West Midtown location on Northside Drive should begin construction soon, and will reportedly open in "late summer."  The Cook-Out restaurant will replace a now demolished Wachovia Bank branch.  Cook-Out will open adjacent to an existing Krystal and across the street from renovated and updated locations of both Burger King and McDonald's.  

The Kennesaw location will be at 745 Chastain Road, not far from Kennesaw State University. The new Cook-Out will be within the "Madison Place at Chastain" development and will be located in a freestanding building, to the left of California Dreaming.   A source in Kennesaw confirms Cook-Out received a building permit earlier this month and Cook-Out corporate reportedly anticipates having the restaurant open by year end.  

I've thus far been unable to determine the exact location of the Macon restaurant, although Cook-Out corporate also plans to have it open by year end.  

There are also reportedly tentative plans for a "few" more new locations next year.    

To date, Cook-out has opened a total of six locations in Georgia: Athens, two in Augusta, Statesboro, Milledgeville and most recently Atlanta.  The Atlanta location opened this past week at 403 Moreland Avenue, just off I-20. 

Local readers tell me the restaurant was very busy throughout the week, and that Cook-Out will reportedly stay open until 4 am most nights, 5 am Fridays & Saturdays.   Not far away, Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand at 489 Moreland Avenue, stays open straight through from 7 am on Fridays through 10 pm on Sundays.  

The new Cook-Out has already received eleven Yelp reviews, of which eight were five star reviews, and three were one star reviews.  Many of the positive reviews were from patrons raving about the value that Cook-out offers: a combo (a burger, two sides and a drink) for less than five bucks.  Other reviewers were thrilled to get Cheerwine, basically North Carolina's answer to Dr. Pepper.   

One negative review included complaints or "burnt meat" "soggy, frozen tasting fries" and "tasteless tomato slices."  Another negative review alluded to there being too many burger joints "Crystal, Wendy's, and McDonalds," and that the addition of Cook-Out makes the area "Ghetto Row."  

Have you been to the new Cook-Out on Moreland?  If so, what did you think and what did you have?  Where would you like to see the next Cook-Out open?  
Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Oh another suburban-style chain fast food restaurant with a drive-through in West Midtown? Yeah, that's what we need. At least Burger King addressed the street when they rebuilt. McDonalds, of course, did no such thing. I'm all for the convenience of fast food, but no new builds in the Midtown and Downtown areas should be allowed to have drive-thrus.

Roger said...

The Cook Out on Northside should be dealth blow for the 5 guys in the 1010 Building. Being a North Carolina native I understand the Cook Out loyality for sure.

Anonymous said...

OMG can someone call the WAAAAHMBULANCE? That is a SIX-LANE road there, something "walkable" is never going in on that section of Northside Drive. You can just mosey on over to Howell Mill if you want options not requiring a car.

Anonymous said...

To Anon re: WAAAAHMBULANCE. Those of us that live in Tenside would beg to differ. Our community addresses the street and creates urbanity on said six-lane road. You have to start somewhere! The Champs-Élysées is a wide road too and I'd venture to say that it is considered urban and isn't adding a suburban-style drive-thru restaurant anytime soon. Maybe eventually, we'll have a street car line on Northside. Just because it isn't historically urban doesn't mean we can't start to plan in that direction now.

Anonymous said...

Roger, I don't agree.

I think that Five Guys and Cook Out can come exists together. Mind you that they may have a 1,000,000 milkshakes, but I think that they will be fine. Some people like Cook Out others Five Guys. Its different strokes for different folks .

Anonymous said...

According to the staff at the Moreland Cookout, they are opening 27 location in metro Atlanta by 2016!

Anonymous said...

As a North Carolina native the cookout I experienced off exit 92 in South Carolina and now where I live in Kennesaw don't give you nearly as much food and I was pissed when I got a cheddar style chicken sandwich where the chicken was burnt and they put a small dab of cheddar cheese. Thank God I brought a drink. I would've choked as dry as my sandwich was. If they're going to expand they can at least train to the original Cookout culture. This is what happens when you try to expand too fast.

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