Monday, July 28, 2014

Local Market Coming to Avondale Estates

A new market is coming to Avondale Estates.

The owners of Oak Grove Market in Oak Grove plan to open "The Market in Avondale" in September.  The new market will be located at 10 N. Clarendon Avenue in the former Thumbs Up Diner space, adjacent to the fire station.  Sources say that the market will be similar to the Oak Grove Market with offerings such as fresh meats as well as a deli and prepared foods.  

Oak Grove Market was opened in 2000 by brothers Rhett and Mark Maughon at the corner of Oak Grove and LaVista Roads. Their father, Buddy Maughon, operated nearby Northeast Meats for three decades before closing in 2000. The Northeast Meats building was demolished and replaced with a Walgreens with Oak Grove Market across the street.  The Maughon brothers sold the business in 2010 and Jeremy Turner now heads the business along with business partner Rick Adams.      

Hopefully, the retro kitschiness of Oak Grove Market will also be used in the new location.  It should be a nice addition to the neighborhood.  

Avondale Estates has seen a resurgence lately with multiple new businesses having opened in the area in just the past year.  Pallookaville Fine Foods opened this past November and was joined by Sunbrimmer Records in mid March and The Bishop, another restaurant, in mid May.  


Anonymous said...

The vibe and level of excitement in Avondale Estates is amazing right now. MIA will be a home run, serving the neighborhood and the throngs of folks on their way home every night who want to stop and pick up their evening meal. The MIA announcement was immediately followed by Pine Street Market announcing their new "meal to go" service.

Anonymous said...

visited to day, had the best fish tacos ever , wild rice, chicken soup wonderful service everything i have had has been wonderful .staff great.

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