Friday, August 1, 2014

Bruegger's Bagels Bails Again

Latest iteration of the  Bruegger's Bagels logo 
Bruegger's Bagels closes again.

Burlington, Vermont-based Bruegger's Bagels has closed it's Atlanta operations for the second time.  The franchised bagel eatery re-entered the Atlanta market in May 2012, after leaving the market in the 90's.  The new Atlanta location was on Powers Ferry Road in Sandy Springs.  The bagel joint had a terrible location, essentially below a CVS Pharmacy with limited access and visibility from the road.  

Bruegger's closed as of July 25th.  

Originally, plans called for a number of metro Atlanta locations including an "executed lease" at The Prado, also in Sandy Springs.  Signage promoting that location was displayed for a few months but it was never built out and should never have been even considered as it too, is in a terrible location with limited access and limited visibility.   

Bagel and coffee concepts more than most, need highly visible, easily accessed locations where customers can see it, get in and get out with ease. Their problems were not limited to location.  Einstein's and Panera Bread are just better known here, but they did not get off to a good start, and as a result, failed again.


Erik from the Burbs said...

That would explain the Penske Truck I saw parked next to Brueggers last night. I went in there a few times but business was always slow and this would be on Saturday Mornings

Elizabeth said...

Same here. Went in there once and it was slow and the employees seemed rather distracted. It was only a couple of weeks ago so maybe they'd just gotten the news.

Any word on what's going on with the closed Caribou on Powers Ferry? The space still opens up into Einstein's but that doesn't look like a long-term plan.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why no retailer/food shop will open up on the desolate stretch of Piedmont Road south of the Chick Fil A and Sidney Marcus. There's a whole block of empty land and vacant lots. Is some developer holding it up??

Anonymous said...

That stretch is a mess. Pretty impossible to get anything done there. The old Shoney's is owned by the guy who recently purchased the entire Shoney's brand; he's thinking of reopening the Shoney's and adding a hotel. The corner piece that has seen a slew of restaurants over the years is owned by a guy who will not sell and who wants huge rates for his crappy building. The site immediately adjacent to Chick-Fil-A is owned by MARTA and they pretty much can't sell so they screw up anybody trying to assemble. Over the years, Kroger, Publix and CVS have all wanted to be on that stretch but the motley crew of owners has made it impossible

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