Monday, August 25, 2014

Perimeter Mall Getting Two New Food Options

Dunwoody mall adding options to its food court

Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody is adding two new options to its food court lineup.  Panera Bread and Pinkberry will soon open within the mall's first floor food court.  Panera will replace two spaces to the right of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Pinkberry will open in the shoebox space previously home to Planet Smoothie and most recently Orange Julius.  

Interestingly, near the Pinkberry space, Atlanta-based Yoforia previously operated as did Roswell-based Cloud 9 Cupcakes & yogurt.  Earlier this year, their former space became a fancy new Cinnabon.  

Perimeter Mall renovated its food court last year and recently welcomed Atlanta's newest H&M store.  A scaled down Varasano's Pizzeria will reportedly open by Black Friday, on the second level, near Urban Outfitters. 

Pinkberry recently opened within Macy's at Lenox Square and kept its nearby location at Buckhead Crossing open.  Panera Bread already has a location near Perimeter Mall at Perimeter Place but is adding the mall location to capture the shopper and office diners closer to the mall.

Chipotle Mexican Grill also operates a location at Perimeter Place but opened a location within the Perimeter Mall food court late last year. Chipotle's Perimeter food court location, like its more recent Fashion Cafe location at Lenox Square, has been tremendously popular.  

Panera Bread's Perimeter Mall food court location is the first time I've seen a Panera location within such a small space, within a food court.  The St. Louis-based bakery cafe has been testing drive-thru service at its new location on Ernest Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw.  

Panera Bread and Pinkberry will both reportedly open in time for the holiday shopping season.  

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Glen said...

Panera is also in Perimeter Place. So that makes 2 places across the street. I honestly do not see Panera succeeding in a food court environment. One of the reasons that I go to Panera is because of the quiet environment compared to some places. If I had to go get my food and then wander the food court looking for a chair, this ruins it for me. Panera can be done in a Mall, just not in the food court. I do applaud the mall for seeking out different food options, I just don't see this working there. I'm surprised that a Burger place has not tried to go into that food court. Dairy Queen does not count.

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