Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tutto Coming Soon to Historic Downtown Roswell

Historic Downtown Roswell continues its magnetic restaurateur pull 

Tutto Restaurant & Bar is coming soon to Historic Downtown Roswell.  The new restaurant will open alongside The Real Fix Pizzeria, a restaurant from F&H Food Trading Group.  The Real Fix Pizzeria will offer casual Italian fare, largely consisting of a variety of pizzas.  The restaurant has been delayed repeated but will reportedly open August 26th.  

Tutto will open in space previously occupied by Roswell Towne Realty and later Cork & Canvas, at the corner of  Elizabeth Way and Alpharetta Street.  

Tutto is being opened by Bob Gihwan Kim and his "Canton Dining Group, Inc."  Research indicates this is the first restaurant for the group, but the company name hints at there being plans for additional restaurants.  

Tutto means all, or entire, in Italian, which could hint at the restaurant featuring Italian fare or perhaps that it will be a "worldly" restaurant covering "all" cuisines.  If the former holds true, Tutto will have some stiff competition from the likes of nearby Osteria Mattone.  Osteria Mattone is less than a mile from Tutto and features "regional Italian cuisine with a heavy focus on Roman fare."  Osteria Mattone opened late last year and is the second endeavor from  Ryan Pernice and chef Ted Lahey of Roswell's Table & Main.  

Additionally, "Basilico" opened a few days ago in the former Dominick's / Sugo space about a mile away.  Basilico is not a strictly Italian restaurant like its predecessors, and instead offers  "eclectic food" "based on several Mediterranean countries."

What are your thoughts on the evolution of the Historic Downtown Roswell dining scene?  What is your favorite eatery?  What kind of restaurant is missing?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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Jeff A. Taylor said...

I'd say the additional of a seafood joint is good news, very much a need. But couple things loom. One, lack of good biz plans for many of these joints who seem to say "Let's open in Roswell!" and that's about it. Spaces that are now empty or are about to be empty do not surprise. Two, whatever the hell it is Roswell is doing to Atlanta St., getting rid of the reversible lane/turn lane etc. near the bridge. May be an improvement, may not. And that is being kind. Related, that former Sugo's space is really challenged -- no parking, hidden, and next to a used car lot. Sincerely hope the new operators do not think they are getting "Historic Roswell" traffic there. The previous folks found that out real quick, and to their credit did not waste time bailing.

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