Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cafe Circa Closed... But Reopening Soon?

Old Fourth Ward eatery quietly closes... for renovations?

Cafe Circa has closed for "renovations." According to their answering machine, the restaurant was slated to reopen September 19th, but that seems not to have happened. Cafe Circa is located at 464 Edgewood Avenue, adjacent to Corner Tavern and Sister Louisa's Church of the Ping Pong Emporium in the Old Fourth Ward.

Cafe Circa opened January 1st 2008 and was soon followed by rooftop lounge "The Reserve."

Strangely, the restaurant has reportedly been closed for over a month, but is still "bookable" via OpenTable.  I don't frequent the area, but know from past experience the stretch where Cafe Circa was located does get rather busy on the weekends.  It's amazing the closure has not garnered more attention. 

In a stunning turn of events, as I was drafting this post, the previously offline Facebook account for Cafe Circa suddenly was available again and hinted at an imminent reopening.  Silent since September 4th, the Cafe Circa Facebook was updated shortly after 8PM last night indicating their Grand Re-Opening would occur this Thursday, October 23rd, at 5PM.  As of Tuesday morning, the website has been updated to show a time clock counting down to the planned re-opening.  

According to the Cafe Circa Facebook page, there is also new ownership, a new logo and The Reserve has been renamed.  "The Rashad Group" is now listed as the owner of the business with The Reserve now known as "CCs Rooftop." 


Anonymous said...

I need to open a restaurant renovations business. The number of restaurants that evidently need renovations is pretty stellar. Funny how most of them never reopen. They must be spending a helluva lot on those renovations.

What really cracks me up is when a restaurant that's only been open for 6 months or so closes for renovations. You're outdated already? Chairs wobbly?

The whole renovations thing is such a confounding ridiculous ruse that seems to be unique to restaurants in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Edgewood Ave is the new "Party District" in Atlanta on the weekends. Anyone that renovates on Edgewood and opens a bar or lounge is guaranteed to score big!

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