Friday, October 3, 2014

Clarification: Parkway Pointe Progress Report

Parkway Pointe shopping center IS adding a number of new tenants, just not all of those I originally reported.

Main Event will open their second Atlanta area location at the center.  The bowling, video game, entertainment and bar complex will open in the former CRUNCH Fitness space and hopes to be open by mid-to-late November.  The Dallas, Texas-based company opened their first Atlanta area location earlier this year in Alpharetta in a portion of the former Home Depot EXPO space.  

Roam will open what will be their third overall location when they open at Parkway Pointe in the coming weeks. Roam is meant to be a place for entrepreneurs to meet, innovate and  collaborate in a comfortable, yet professional environment. Roam's roughly 15,000 square foot space will be on the second level of the center, in a portion of the former Borders Books & Music space. Existing Roam locations are in Alpharetta and Dunwoody.  

T. Mac, the new name of Taco Mac, plans to open its new restaurant in Parkway Pointe during the first week of November.  The T. Mac at Parkway Pointe occupies a freestanding outparcel space previously home to Don Pablo's, A Mexican restaurant.   T. Mac, seeking to expand its presence further outside of Atlanta, changed their name to better communicate to new markets they are not a taco restaurant.  The renovated Decatur location already sports the new name and other Atlanta area locations will soon follow.  The brand's website and facebook have also changed, as has the company's branding message, now, "Genuine Food & Craft Beer." (No word on whether one-time Hawks player Tracy McGrady, aka T-Mac, has been approached about his possible involvement.) 

AMC Theaters Parkway Pointe 15 is currently undergoing extensive renovations that will nearly halve the overall capacity of the complex, but which will add premium seating.  Plans call for the complex to be open in time for the holiday movie season, but I was unable to obtain a date or week.   When completed, the theater will be similar to the recently renovated AMC Phipps Plaza 14 and the new AMC North Point Mall 12, with plush leather seating and an upgraded food and beverage program.

EarthFare, the new-to-market organic grocery store, and Newk's Eatery were both previously linked to be opening in the property, but seem to have since pulled out.   

What new addition are you most excited about?
Do you think Taco Mac changing their name to T. Mac is a good idea?
Where would you like to see Earth Fare open in Smyrna / Vinings / Cumberland area?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

T. Mac is an absolutely terrible name. It sounds like a joke.

AJ said...

That's a shame about Earthfare. I was looking forward to it. You'd think the Vinings area could support an Earthfare/Sprouts/Fresh Market type of store... Any idea on what happened?

Anonymous said...

Sprouts on the corner of S. Cobb Drive & E/W Connector should draw some of the Vinings folks the smidge OTP.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed and disgusted with the AMC changes. That means higher ticket prices across the board. The same thing has happened at Phipps Plaza. Nighttime movies at Phipps Plaza AMC now cost an outrageous 14 bucks and even the matinees aren't cheap. I will gladly pay less money for the privilege of not being able to recline my seat. Another example of a company screwing over the middle class.

Anonymous said...

This is great for the area. Newk's would have been a great addition as well. Forget what others are saying, I'm definitely glad they are upgrading the AMC and I will pay more for it!

Anonymous said...

T.Mac is fine. I'be never eaten at Taco Mac or had any desire to go because I can make taco mac at home. Why would anyone want to do a restaurant featuring that? Didn't know for years they didn't actually sell that -but the name sure mislead. Good to see they recognized the same thing. J.Christopher is another horrible name, sounds like an undertaker or a clothing store rather than an eatery. Does anyone think these names through? I mean, do they even ask anyone beyond their own dog if it's a good name?

Anonymous said...

The theatre is now open. Seating is similar to Phipps with the exception of reserved seating.

Anonymous said...

AMC is now half reopened. Theaters 1-6 are up and running and have nice reclining seats. You can pick out your seats in advance. (Because of the theater's construction, i'd pick seats that are more towards the back or else it will be low below the screen...Middle row of the theater is still below the screen)
Yes the tickets are more expensive now about $15 a pop, but who buys tickets at full price anymore? Costco and Sams club both have reduced ticket options. Your tickets are $8 if you buy them at Costco.

I saw the main event doing a staff training, they open on 11/11. That place looks like a lot of fun.

tmac opens today (11/10). This area needed one badly.

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