Friday, November 7, 2014

Brookhaven Bistro Closes, "Souper" Replacement Coming

Brookhaven eatery closes after seven year run.

Chef & Owner Chip Desormeaux has closed his cozy cafe, Brookhaven Bistro, (inside Nuts 'N Berries) on Peachtree Road in Brookhaven.  A prerecorded message on the Brookhaven Bistro answering machine is Chef Chip himself thanking the community for their support over their seven year run and saying how the decision to "move on" was "very difficult."

Interestingly, as Desormeaux mentions on the message and is now displayed on the exterior message board,  "my (his) friend Souper Jenny" is taking over.  Jenny Levison of Souper Jenny will reportedly complete minor renovations over the next week or so and plans to (re)open on or about November 17th.  

The new Souper Jenny will reportedly only be a "pop up" for now, with the possibility of becoming permanent based on the "trial run."  The "pop up" is slated to last about two months, after which the viability of a long term, permanent location would be assessed.  A source tells me that both the pop up and the possible permanent location would offer more limited, scaled down options than are available in Buckhead and Decatur.  For instance, the scaled down Brookhaven location would likely offer only three soups, whereas Buckhead and Decatur each offer six.  

Souper Jenny caters to those embracing a healthy lifestyle, especially those with gluten intolerance, vegans and vegetarians.  

There are no doubt similarities between the food offerings of Brookhaven Bistro and Souper Jenny, but perhaps Levison is banking on her "brand" to make the location a success.  The idea of a slimmed down menu may be the right move given the pretty large menu offered by Brookhaven Bistro within such a small space and only serving two day parts: breakfast and lunch.

Levison operates Souper Jenny and Juicy Jenny, both at 56 East Andrews in Buckhead.  Also in Buckhead, Levison operates Cafe Jonah and in Decatur, Levison opened a second Souper Jenny in an old Pita Pit this past February.  


Anonymous said...

Best news of the week. Can't wait to have a Souper Jenny so close to home. Hopefully she will offer some freezer soups like she does in Buckhead.

Where's Chef Chip going? Sad news. said...

Where's Chef Chip going?

Anonymous said...

Kendrick/Osborne neighbors will not be happy about the increased traffic on "their street."

M. C. said...

I'm disappointed, loved their breakfast and lunch and the folks that worked there... Not that Souper Jenny won't be good, will just miss the yummy food from Chef Chip and his team.

susan wurst said...

This is awesome news!!! I drive to Souper Jenny in Buckhead once or twice a week for their delicious soup and sandwiches. I can't believe they'll be right down the street now. Hope it lasts.

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