Friday, December 12, 2014

Pijiu Belly Quietly Hatches on the Westside

New restaurant open on the westside

Pijiu Belly which translates to "Beer Belly" in Chinese, quietly opened earlier this week on the westside.  Occupying the former E-6 Lab building at 678 10th Street, Pijiu Belly has seemingly been in the works since last September, according to permits on file with the city of Atlanta.

The menu can best be described as a "Korean Bantam + Biddy" with whole rotisserie chicken and house-made kimchi.  There is some rather odd variety to the menu with a few burgers, a cheese & charcuterie plate, spicy roast pork belly, loaded nachos and corn dogs.  

Amazingly, although the restaurant has been in the works for over a year, the sandwich board outside reads BYOB, hinting that Pijiu Belly may be without a liquor license.  The fact that the restaurant is still hiring was mentioned to a number of customers as well, indicating they may not yet be fully staffed. 

According to permits on file with the city of Atlanta, the restaurant's official name is Bowl Fat, LLC dba Pijiu Belly.  While slightly similar in name, and close in proximity, Bowl Fat is in no way related to Le Fat, the new Vietnamese restaurant from Guy Wong scheduled to open next month on Marietta Street.  


Westie said...

Thanks for the update on westside eats! Glad to hear that Le Fat is (finally) planning to open next month. It has been long delayed. Any additional details?

AB said...

FYI this is a new concept by the owner of Noodle, Lenny.

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