Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bevello Falls Out of Fashion in Buckhead

Women's boutique calls it quits in Buckhead

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Bevello has closed its Buckhead boutique at the Shops Around Lenox.  The store opened in 2013 in a portion of what was once a CompUSA store. Bevello, like many other boutiques within the center, caters to style conscious women with a variety of clothing, accessories and gifts.  

Bevello officially closed its Buckhead store this past Saturday.  A sign posted on Bevello's door informed customers that they "will be moving to the Forum Shopping Center in Norcross." Bevello at the Forum on Peachtree Parkway in Norcross has been open since early April of last year, so Bevello's action is more a closure than a "move."  

The Shops Around Lenox is home to its fair share of women's retailers, some more alike than others.  Swank, fab'rik and The Impeccable Pig all offer trendy women's clothing, making it unlikely for them to all survive long term. Atlanta's own Bill Hallman, who currently operates a boutique within the center, will soon reportedly close to "move" to Inman Quarter. Inman Quarter is the new mixed-use complex being built in Inman Park across the street from Barcelona Wine Bar. 

The Buckhead closure leaves Bevello with 25 locations in seven states. Two new locations are reportedly coming soon to Greensboro, North Carolina and Houston, Texas. 

What is your favorite women's boutique?  Do you think all boutiques currently open at Shops Around Lenox will still be in business in another year?  Who do think is the weakest link? What retailer or other business would you like to see added to the center?

Please share your thoughts below.   


Ham said...

I wonder how some of these small boutiques expect to break into the Buckhead market. I think having a location at The Forum is a good idea as Peachtree Corners and Johns Creek have some fairly affluent shoppers.

Stacy said...

I have never understood how small boutiques can be profitable. Even with expensive items with high markups, I can't see how these stores can do enough volume to cover high rents and other costs.

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