Thursday, March 19, 2015

From Home Run to Touchdown, Goldberg's Group is at it Again!

Falcons-themed restaurant in the works?

Atlanta-based Goldberg's Group seems primed to launch a new Falcons-themed establishment.  The Goldberg's website refers to the new Atlanta Falcons themed restaurant & bar as "Atlanta Falcons Gridiron Bar & Grill" but does not specify a location or opening timeline. 

A call to the corporate offices did confirm the concept is in the works but that also "no location has been finalized."

Based on the sketch of the proposed layout, I'm inclined to think the concept will be launched either at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,  or at the new Atlanta Falcons stadium, slated for completion in early 2017, or both. Another possibility is that the concept could open at Avalon in Alpharetta where Goldberg's already operates its namesake deli and had previously said they would open their Braves eatery.  

Goldberg's Group previously partnered with the Atlanta Braves to open the Atlanta Braves All Star Grill.  The first All Star Grill opened at Hartsfield-Jackson, a second will open tomorrow on Peachtree Street downtown.   

The Atlanta Falcons have never before partnered with an outside vendor to open a restaurant concept.  The team did open a pair of branded retail stores, "Falcons 365" at both Perimeter Mall and Lenox Square.  As the name suggests, the stores were meant to supply fans with Falcons gear and merchandise year round. Sadly though, the concept seemed unable to sustain itself and both stores closed in late 2008, after about three years in business.  The Atlanta Braves had a similar store, the Braves Clubhouse store that had at least two locations at North Point Mall and CNN Center.  Today, only the tourist-heavy store at CNN Center remains open.  

I think there is tremendous potential with the "Atlanta Falcons Gridiron Bar & Grill."  Even if the food is only as good as a typical bar & grill, the branding and cross-promotion potential make the concept more likely  to succeed than most.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you think a Falcons-themed restaurant and bar will do well?  Where should it open?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

I think a Falcons restaurant needs to be in an area like Hartsfield, mid-town, down town or maybe Buckhead that caters to out-of-towners. I suspect locals would see a themed restaurant like this as kind of kitschy, but it might have an appeal to visitors.

Disneypal said...

I really like the idea of a Falcons themed restaurant. I hope it actually comes to be.

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