Friday, July 3, 2015

Doughnuts Returning to Buckhead, Coming to Brookhaven Too!

Bon Glaze will be located between Full Cup and Bridge Boutique in Powers Ferry Square  
Doughnuts returning to north Buckhead.

Local husband and wife team Kelly and Kenny Keith are opening a pair of new artisan doughnut shops.  The pair already operate Kelly's Cakes, a gourmet, special event cake bakery, currently without a physical location.   The new doughnut shops to be named Bon Glaze will open in north Buckhead and Brookhaven in late August and late September respectively.

In north Buckhead, Bon Glaze will open in a roughly 600 square foot space at Powers Ferry Square, previously home to Yum Yum Dessert Co.  The gourmet cupcake shop, born from a food truck by a similar name, opened last April but did not last long.  

The Keiths plan to convert this space to serve primarily as a walk-up counter.  For now the plan is to stay open from 7AM until 4PM during the week, and until 10PM Friday through Sunday. Kelly told me that they may stay open later if there is demand from neighboring businesses such as Bartaco, The Ivy and Johnny's Hideaway.  

The north Buckhead location will mark a return of the tasty treat to the same shopping center where in late 2013 Dunkin' Donuts closed their popular outpost.  Bartaco opened earlier this year in a completely rebuilt space where Dunkin' once operated.  

In Brookhaven, Bon Glaze is the doughnut shop I announced in February as "Glaze Doughnuts." The shop, located in Brookleigh Marketplace on Johnson Ferry Road, will be about 1,700 square feet and will serve as the "flagship" location. Kelly plans to bake cakes for "Kelly's Cakes" from the kitchen of the Brookhaven shop.  

In addition to cake and yeast doughnuts with such toppings as bacon and Nutella,  Kelly told me she is in the final stages of perfecting a gluten free doughnut!  Bon Glaze will also offer assorted flavors of thick cut bacon strips, although a bacon supplier has not been chosen. Various fresh coffees will be offered in addition to fresh squeezed orange juice, something that was absent from prior tenant Planet Smoothie's menu, and is hard to find in general.  

I can't speak to the logistics of the parking/access situation at Brookleigh Marketplace as I have yet to visit, but Powers Ferry Plaza is sure to create some challenges.  While Bartaco is hugely popular, its patrons also monopolize a lot of the nearby, upfront parking.  Small shops near Bartaco, like Tuxedo Frame Gallery and VUE Eyewear both have reserved parking for their patrons for this very reason.  Bon Glaze, which will primarily serve a morning clientele, should be OK, but if evening business picks up, as they hope, parking could quickly become an issue.  

What are your thoughts on this new concept? What is your favorite type of doughnut/place to get doughnuts?  How late is too late for doughnuts?

Please leave your thoughts/comments /suggestions below. 


Anonymous said...

Take a look at all the wonderful donut shops in the Midwest. Chicago Milwaukee Minneapolis. Fantastic cream filled custard and numerous berry filled light and fluffy creations. Forget the Krispy Kreme.... Bring us an honest to goodness can't live without my morning donut.

cafeej said...

There appears to be plenty of parking at Brookleigh - especially since the other businesses will likely not have their rush hours during the morning when presumably Bon Glaze will have most of their traffic. They should get morning business from parents dropping their kids off at Primrose School. If they choose to stay open late on Friday and Saturday nights they might also get business from Pure Taqueria as patrons will staggering across the parking lot to relieve their hang-over munchies.

Unknown said...

The Brookleigh store will have a drive thru lane

Unknown said...

The Brookleigh will have a drive thru lane.

Anonymous said...

Was at the Brookhaven location last week. Was unimpressed. Very high priced (way moreso than Sublime) at $2.50/ea making it impractical to grab a few dozen to bring to the office (at $29.75 per dz). They are also way overdone, and not the type of thing you could eat often. In contrast other shops like Sublime and Da Vinci's are more subtle (though excellent). Bon Glaze is just an occasional novelty at best, though they were more about the looks than the taste.

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