Monday, August 10, 2015

Fresh To Order Bringing "Fast-Fine" Dining to East Cobb

A time when Mrs. Winner's occupied the building 
"Fast-Fine" eatery coming to East Cobb

Atlanta-based Fresh To Order plans to open a new location in East Cobb.  The new Fresh To Order will open on Johnson Ferry Road near its intersection with Roswell Road, adjacent to the Whole Foods Market-anchored Merchants Walk shopping center.  The self described "fast-fine" restaurant will renovate the existing freestanding building, most recently home to Broadway Diner. The roughly 3,300 square foot building also once housed a Mrs. Winner's, and before that a Hardee's.  The former drive-thru window will be re-purposed as a patio, something Broadway Diner had already done, but with new improvements planned.  

The Fresh To Order location is good, but will be difficult to access for some, given the median that separates traffic on Johnson Ferry Road.  

The East Cobb location will be Fresh to Order's tenth in the state. Most recently, the chain added locations to downtown Decatur and CNN Center. Fresh To Order began offering franchises last year and tweaked their image and branding, more recently debutung a new website. There are currently a handful of franchised locations in South and North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee.   

An F20 release from last March indicated that "restaurateur Samir Patel signed on to develop two units in Gwinnett County," but to my knowledge, no locations there have been confirmed.  

The East Cobb area has been hot for restaurants with a number of new openings having occurred in the recent past.  Common Quarter and Zeal opened in late 2013 in Woodlawn Square and Market Plaza respectively. This past April, Del Taco finally opened in East Cobb Crossing shopping center and was soon followed by the opening of Dick's Sporting Goods.  

Also nearby, a new Pollo Tropical is expected to open September 4th in an outparcel of Parkaire Landing shopping center on Johnson Ferry Road.  

Are you excited for the planned opening of Fresh to Order in East Cobb?  Do you think the restaurant will do well in the space they have selected?  Where else would you like to see Fresh to Order open?

Please share your thoughts below.  


jeff a. taylor said...

That is my go-to corner, I'm at the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's a couple times a week, and frankly both will present huge challenges to this concept. The combo of prepared and near-prepared food from those two stores is huge -- and very popular in East Cobb where time is much more scarce than money, and cooking skills are well down the list the priorities. Then there is Baked doing essentially the same thing as Fresh to Order five minutes down Johnson Ferry. It has a strong following doing quality comfort food the skews Southern, although I've only felt a need to try it once. Fresh Market adds some grocery prepped comp as well, as will Sprout. Add in all the fast-caz take out in the corridor and Fresh will have to do something really well. Initially the sheer size of the menu is concerning, but that could turn into a strength if they are able to tap into and service the catering demand in the area. I guess color me interested and glad SOMETHING is going to try to make a go of that space, but far from certain it will succeed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I do believe that's Sandy Springs, not East Cobb.

AJ said...

@Anon @ 6PM - Nope, it's East Cobb. It's the "other" Roswell Road.

jeff a. taylor said...

I thought something was up with that property as the weeds and grass in front of it was finally cut last week.

Stacy said...

I'd love to see a F2O in Alpharetta.

The Koch Family said...

This is my fave place and in so excited to have it in east Cobb! The offerings here are totally different than what u get at whole foods and fresh market. PaninIs, salads and hit meals are fresh, unique and very tasty!!! Cannot wait to have them and will be a frequent customer!!!

Anonymous said...

When is east Cobb F 2 O opening?

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