Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Out of the Closet Will Soon be in Atlanta

New business coming to popular intown stretch 

Out of the Closet, a new business which describes itself as a pharmacy and thrift store and also offers free HIV testing, is "coming soon" to Cheshire Bridge Road. The new business benefits the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and is part of a nationwide network of similar stores.  

Out of the Closet is opening at 1858 Cheshire Bridge Road, between Las Margaritas and Artlite.  A local source indicates that the 6,100 square foot building that the new shop will occupy was home to one of the first Harley-Davidson dealerships in the 1950s.  Subsequent occupants of the property have included a Napa Auto Parts for about 25 years, and more recently both a pawn shop and an auto pawn store.

There are currently twenty Out of the Closet locations across the country, mostly in California but three exist in Florida too.  

Thus far, the business has not filed for any building permits with the City of Atlanta, so its doubtful they will open before the end of the year.  

Have you been to an Out of the Closet in another city? Are you excited for the opening of Out of the Closet in metro Atlanta?  What is your favorite thrift store in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Been to locations in Dallas and Columbus. Nice concept with some good finds. The free HIV testing is nice for the community.

Anonymous said...

Great for the Atlanta community..... Been in the one in SF..... VERY POPULAR THERE! Some scenes from looking were filmed there as well...

Unknown said...

Richard Mc. Shopped all three locations when I lived in San Francisco. Staff was always pleasant, stores clean and neat, good selection of merchandise...clothing, shoes, home goods even some furniture.
Welcome to Atlanta.

Unknown said...

Welcome to Atlanta, Out of the Closet

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