Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dollar Tree to Sprout at Vista Grove

True dollar store coming to Oak Grove.

Chesapeake, Virginia based Dollar Tree plans to open in the 10,500 square foot anchor space at Vista Grove shopping center on LaVista Road. The space, first an Eckerd and later a Dollar General, has been vacant since Dollar General's closure in October.  

Rumors of the store opening began making their way around the neighborhood last week, but only today was a lease officially signed with property owner Stafford Properties.  

Unlike Dollar General where merchandise may be several dollars, Dollar Tree items are all a buck (or less) and often a great deal.  

While many in the community had hoped for a more "exciting" replacement, it's great to see the large space filled.

This past summer Dollar Tree completed its acquisition of Charlotte, North Carolina based Family Dollar, a store similar in pricing to Dollar General.  The FTC required Dollar Tree to sell 330 Family Dollar stores to private equity firm Sycamore Partners as part of the merger.  

This new opening would seem to be an effort on Dollar Tree's part to begin to add new locations to where they they are not yet well represented.  Dollar Tree does have a few locations nearby in Brighten Park, Briarcliff Village and North DeKalb Mall.  

Are you pleased with this opening?  Are you more of a fan of Dollar Tree than Dollar General?  What would you like to see happen to the vacant gas station in the parking lot at the shopping center?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

It seems like this was one of the areas mentioned as the future downtown for the failed City of Lavista Hills. Whether cityhood was right for this area or not I suspect most locals would have preferred a different business in that space. I’ve always felt this area could easily support a slightly more upscale mix than a dollar store. However, that is a large retail space and apparently no one else was lining up to sign a lease, so I suppose, anything is better than an empty box.

Anonymous said...

The glaring absence of restaurants in that area indicates otherwise. Dollar Tree is a good tenant and much better than Dollar General, which from what I can tell is just a discount variety store. DT is really nice to have if you need some items on the cheap - like greeting cards, gifts bags, cleaning supplies, etc.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of the space, yet again. This kind of discount business does not draw folks with money to spend on other items while they are here. We need businesses aimed at more affluent clientele, who are the residents of the area.

There are already two popular fast casual or upscale restaurants in that shopping center, and a Subway as well, and then Fellini's pizza just next door. Kitty-cornered (more or less) is the Grove, and the Taqueria and the Market, although Mezza is closing. That's not exactly an absence of restaurants!

Mycow said...

Some Dollar Tree stores have freezer products, some sell bread, while others do not. Hopefully, the new store will offer these.

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