Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Concept(s) Coming to Former Dailey's Downtown

New bar,  & cigar lounge and pizzeria destined for Downtown .

"Red Phone Booth" and "Amalfi Pizzeriawill be located on Andrew Young International Boulevard, near its intersection with Peachtree Street, just down from Hooters and Hard Rock Cafe, across from the new Tin Lizzy's Cantina. 

Stephen de Haan, who was president of the recently shuttered Andrews Entertainment District in Buckhead, is the man behind the new business. While de Haan was a minority owner of the Buckhead businesses, he is reportedly the majority owner of the downtown enterprise.

Stephen de Hann was President of the Andrews Entertainment District for thirteen years before which he was a bartender at The Tavern At Phipps.  

In their farewell message on Facebook, de Haan indicated he had coals in the fire:  "Our future is bright, and we will have many new announcements in the coming weeks and months ahead."  This opening would seem to be the first of what may a number of new openings.  A source indicates that Weaver, who was the majority owner of the Buckhead businesses, plans to relaunch versions of both Prohibition and The Atlanta Improv in the coming months.  Prohibition and The Atlanta Improv were reportedly the best performing of the nine overall concepts in the District, so it's no surprise to hear that those are the ones being targeted for relaunch.   

The name "Red Phone Booth" is in honor of the red phone booth patrons used to access Prohibition, one of de Haan's Buckhead concepts.

Plans for the space are still being finalized. At the moment the plan is for Red Phone Booth to be located on the street level with  Amalfi Pizzeria, a Neapolitan-style pizzeria on the second floor.  

The space Red Phone Booth will occupy was for many years home to Dailey's and sibling concept Dailey's Downstairs, a cigar & martini bar.  Dailey's opened in 1981 but it, along with sibling concept City Grill, closed in mid 2009.

Permits filed January 19th (along with a similar one filed in November) with the City of Atlanta indicate the space is 11,544 square feet.  A separate, dated sales listing for the property seems to suggest that de Haan is not taking all of the available square space.   

What are your thoughts on this new downtown concept?  Do you think de Haan will find success with his new endeavor? Do you remember Dailey's? What was your favorite downtown Atlanta eatery of yesteryear?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

May I make a suggestion? Remove "phone". It's cleaner. Red Booth.

Anonymous said...

You're speculations are wrong in so many ways on this one. Stay tuned!

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