Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shell Station Plans Enlargement in Buckhead

Buckhead Shell station plans enormous redevelopment. 

The Shell gas station and car wash located at 3669 Powers Ferry Road, near Roswell Road in Buckhead, plans to demolish their current facility and build a giant, new, two-story building in its place.  

The new development, which will reportedly include both a Dunkin' Donuts and Subway, as well as a new gas station and convenience store, will cost an estimated $2.2 million.

Amazingly, the property, which currently has vehicular access from both Powers Ferry and Roswell Roads, is less than a half an acre in size.  

The property on which the gas station is located is situated adjacent to, although "not a part" of, Powers Ferry Square shopping center.  As many will recall, the shopping center was home to a popular Dunkin' Donuts for many years before its abrupt closure at the end of 2013. Bartaco has since opened in its place, with a new gourmet doughnut shop, Bon Glaze, expected to open next door in the coming weeks.  

The redevelopment  of the gas station will reportedly include underground parking.  Sans  the multiple eateries and underground parking, multi-story gas stations are not super rare in metro Atlanta.  Among those that have two-stories are the Chevron at the corner of Northside Parkway and West Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead, as well as the Chevron on LaVista Road near Northlake Mall.  

Owners  Mahesh & Smita Patel are uniquely positioned to complete the Buckhead Shell redevelopment given Mahesh's expertise as a commercial real estate developer.

Over the summer, the Patels successfully petititioned to have their required onsite parking reduced from 31 spaces to 20.  

The street level will feature the two eateries, gas station and convenience store, with the second story housing offices for the businesses, all of which will be franchised by the Patels.   Underground parking will be located beneath the street level portion of the building.  

Current plans call for the existing Shell to close this coming March with a (highly optimistic) reopening of the new complex planned for this coming July.

As a nearby resident, I for one hope that the Patels don't consider raising their gas prices (already a full 50 cents higher than the Kroger gas station 2.5 miles north) anymore to pay for the expensive project.  

Do you think the supersizing of the Shell is necessary?  Will you patronize this business more or less after the change? Do you think this project should have been approved?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...


Ham said...

In a way it seems like a good idea basically their redeveloping an older gas station into a new one which seems like a win. Also, by going vertical it allows them to make better use of the property and avoid developing office space somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the hell anyone would buy gas here. You have to drive only a mile or so for gas that is literally $1 cheaper for every other gallon. If you're filling up a 20-gallon SUV tank, that's $10 in savings just for going an extra mile up to the Kroger. The Patels are raking in cash because people are too stupid to shop a little for gas. If consumers were more aware, the Patels would be going out of business instead of trying to become a Flying J.

Anonymous said...

Consumers are aware, can you give me the address of any gas station that sells gas for dollar cheaper a gallon than Shell?

Anonymous said...

I said every OTHER gallon...Right now the Shell is at $2.29 and the Kroger just north is at $1.89. So not quite $0.50 per gallon, but close!

ImAndy said...

I'm shocked to read that anybody on this blog even owns a car with all the disdain for parking lots and drive thru's. I own two I guess it makes me a 1 percenter but neither of them use fossil fuels to concern myself with any of this. First world problems...

Anonymous said...

Last summer when I was cycling in the heat, I stopped on the sidewalk adjacent to this gas station to rest and catch my breath. Within a few minutes, the owner herself came out to see if I was ok. Seeing me sweaty and tired, she went back in and brought me a cold, large bottled water. I was immensely touched when she refused to take the money for it. She didn't have to do what she did especially because I was not a regular customer there. Now I am a regular customer there. It is a clean and well stocked store. As a nearby resident, I feel that we need to have branded neighborhood stations. I would hate to drive in Buckhead traffic looking for a cheap place to fill. It costs more to live in Buckhead and I'm sure it costs more for small businesses to operate here too. We need their services and I am willing to pay more for that convenience, which by the way is in the same price range as the other stations in the heart of Buckhead and midtown. I also love Dunkin coffee and would love to see it successful.

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