Sunday, February 28, 2016

Freshii Fails in Second Act in the Fashion Cafe

Healthy eatery closed again at Lenox Square. 

Freshii, the Toronto, Canada-based healthy eatery which first opened in the Fashion Cafe at Lenox Square in March 2014, and later closed due to a leak, then reopened this past July, has closed. Local operator Tamara Lukens retained the franchise agreement during the first closure and reportedly made the decision to close the 320 square foot restaurant this past Friday.  

As I detailed in my earlier post, it was my belief that despite the chain's success in other cities, their location in the Fashion Cafe at Lenox Square would not last.  Their pricing priced them above nearly all similar eateries around them. The consumer who wants/can afford the type of food Freshii offers is more likely to go to True Food Kitchen, a full service restaurant at the front of the mall.  

The expansive offerings of the Freshii menu contributed to their failure.  They were masters of none, delivering a menu far too diverse for such a small space and relatively unknown brand.  I believe that a smaller menu in a space closer to office buildings (near Terminus or Atlanta Financial Center) would have been a better fit for the brand.  

Are you surprised that Freshii failed in the Fashion Cafe? Would you like to see them open elsewhere in Atlanta, and if so, where? What would you like to see open in place of Freshii? 

Please share your thoughts below.  

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ImAndy said...

This space is cursed!
Unrelated but Pinkberry is boarded up this weekend at Perimeter. Never liked the point to your yougurt through a sneeze guard concept and I guess nobody else did either. The Hallmark is liquidating not many of those around either anymore. The new kids footlocker is open and Soma JJill and a new concept called Boxed Lunch are all coming soon. Have been too busy to Google what this boxed lunch is about.

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