Friday, February 12, 2016

Over a Decade Later, Moores Mill Center Redevelopment Finally Happening

Decade delayed center finally on track.

Columbia, South Carolina based Edens reports that they are finally preparing to start demolition of an aging shopping center to make way for a new Publix Supermarket anchored center.  Moores Mill Center, located near the intersection of Moores Mill Road, Bolton Road and Marietta Boulevard in northwest Atlanta, has been largely abandoned for years, and its redevelopment will surely be welcomed by neighboring communities.  

Once home to a popular Colonial supermarket, Moores Mill Village was most recently home to a CVS Pharmacy and Family Dollar, both of which relocated to new stores nearby in advance of the redevelopment.  

According to Edens Vice President-Southeast Herbert Ames, demolition should begin March 2nd with construction to begin soon afterward.  

Ames, who started with Edens in 2004 and was based in Columbia until 2014, reportedly started working on the project in 2005. For those of you who have not followed the saga that is this center, it has been plagued by delays, the result of both multiple lawsuits, and also, to a lesser extent, the economy.  An extension of Moores Mill Road through the project to Marietta Boulevard was the most recent hangup but is reportedly finally settled with a resolution to complete the extension having been reached.      

The overall 70,000 square foot retail center will include a 45,600 Publix Supermarket and assorted smaller spaces for a few restaurants and other shops.  Publix has been the grocer / anchor attached to this project from the beginning.  As far as smaller shop / restaurants, I've heard a few mentioned as possible but there are reportedly no leases signed.  Ames reports there being "a lot of great interest" [in the project]. 

The redevelopment represents a $95 million investment in the community, $40 million to develop the retail portion, and another $55 million for development of the  residential component.  The  residential portion, to be completed by an as-yet unannounced residential developer, will include 345 units.  

The current timeline is for the Publix and other retailers to open next June with the residential portion expected to follow six to eight months later.  

The new shopping center is expected to spur interest in the surrounding area where there are a number of vacant or abandoned properties.  Among them, a former bank and former McDonald's sit vacant and ripe for redevelopment beside the center along Marietta Boulevard. The former Bark Avenue Pet Resort, on Bolton Road at Marietta Boulevard, also represents a potential redevelopment opportunity.  

As far as I know, this will mark the first center Edens has developed itself, rather than purchased in the Atlanta market. 

In addition to the Moores Mill project, Edens' Atlanta area holdings include Tuxedo Festival, Andrews Square, Brookwood Village, Buckhead Market Place and Lenox Marketplace in Buckhead, Fountain Oaks in Sandy Springs, Merchant's Walk in East Cobb, Alpharetta Commons in Alpharetta and most recently Toco Hills shopping center.   

What are your thoughts on this center and its new timeline?  What would you like to see open in the center?  What other businesses would you like to see open nearby?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


AJ said...

Was Kasim right? Did the Feds provide the money for the Moores Mill Road extension?

Anonymous said...

Time will tell if this happens. The crime in this area is incredible and I cannot see Publix taking the liability.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for all this to FINALLY get moving. As a long time resident of the Bolton area this is much needed. Now the only thing left is to demolish the two slums off Coronet.

Anonymous said...

I hope they put in a SkyZone. It will do so much for the local economy.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Publix drops out. Apparently SkyZone is ready to swoop in. This would do wonders for the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Crime in this area is not incredible (as a previous commenter mentioned), and the crime that does hit the area will likely be deterred by the renewed visibility of an active shopping and residential center. This redevelopment will stitch together Western Buckhead with Hills Park, Adams Crossing, and Bolton.

Look at the demos in these areas...fantastic HH incomes, new housing appears that this will be possibly the 2nd largest Publix located intown (based on numbers provided by Felicia Moore).

Anonymous said...

RE: Sky Zone comment… How would that possibly be preferable over a grocery store?

Anonymous said...

SkyZone? Are you kidding? The foundation of any revitalization is to provide for basic needs.

Anonymous said...

First that Edens has fully ground up developed maybe, but they did a significant amount of redevelopment after buying Merchants Walk in East Cobb which included the relocation of a county Library branch offsite, relocation of the Wachovia/Wells Fargo onsite, demo of the old Media Play building and construction of the Whole Foods, a couple shops buildings, and the reskin of the portions they kept.

jamiet27 said...

Yippee! I live nearby and am personally insulted by the anonymous comment about crime. The northwest corner of Atlanta is a growing area with many wonderful families moving to the area. As a homeowner in the area, I can say house values in my neighborhood have increased by 25% in the last 3 years! This development is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and we look forward to having Publix join the community!

Catherine Knight said...

I grew up in Bolton Apts. I hated to see the entire community fall into such disarray. The New renovations taking place all around the community are mind boggling. It’s very nice. The Family Dollar was probably one of the last remaining original businesses. I’m looking forward to visiting the renewed Morris Mill shopping center with Publix someday. ����

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