Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Past and Future: Moores Mill Center

Moores Mill Center to be reborn. 

In light of the demolition of Moores Mill Center, the largely dilapidated center at the intersection of Moores Mill and Bolton Roads, I wanted to take a look back at the center's history.

Built in 1959, Moores Mill Center once housed not one, but two, grocery stores: Big Apple Food and Colonial Food Store. The center was also home to a Sears appliance and catalog store.  
Store listing circa 1969 (Click to enlarge)
The area around the center has changed dramatically in the nearly sixty years since the center was built, the area is now referred to a "food desert," due to its lack of a grocery store.  

Come June 2017, that will all change with the opening of a new 45,000 square foot Publix Supermarket.  The redeveloped center will also be home to 345 multifamily residences.  
A large crowd gathered for the groundbreaking of the new center earlier this month 

The center is actively being demolished and cleared to make way for the new shopping center.  Owner Edens has said their is a great deal of interest in the center, but has not yet announced any tenants other than Publix.  

Did you visit Moores Mill Center in its heyday?  What is your fondest memory of Moores Mill Center? What else would you like to see open in the new center?

Please share your thoughts below 


Jonathan said...

How cool!! Thanks for sharing!

I wonder where the putt putt golf course was.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Moore's Mill, like Newark NJ, is just too close to a major economic center not to gentrify at some point.

G.G. said...

I'm also wondering where the Putt-Putt originally was, but I've also always been curious about that adjacent building that was last home to Roma, the weird cube building with the clock sign.

Anonymous said...

The Putt-Putt was across Marietta Blvd. The cube bldg was a Fulton Federal S&L. I also remember eating at the Huddle House behind the Colonial.

coolio said...

My fondest memory was of the Baskin Robbins ice cream store. I also remember when the CVS was something else, Revco maybe? I think it changed names several times before it finally left the space and went into the new building just yards away.

I think I also remember when those railroad tracks were actually used. The smell of the area has ALWAYS been there though.

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