Wednesday, April 20, 2016

UPDATE: Wildleaf Planning Late Summer Opening at Terminus

Wildleaf planning later summer debut. 

David Morse, founder of Wildleaf, responded to my earlier request for comment and provided a number of new details regarding his upcoming restaurant.  

Wildleaf will be a little larger than I originally reported as property owner Cousins is including a women's restroom from the adjacent parking deck in Wildleaf's space.  The restroom, which will be reconfigured and will actually house the restaurant's walk-in cooler, adds about 240 square feet to the restaurant for a grand total of 1,225.  The existing men's restroom will be converted to a unisex lavatory.

Given the small space, Morse envisions Wildleaf serving primarily to-go items.  The inside will feature antique wood in an effort to be as different from what you'd expect as possible.   Among the offerings Morse plans on the Wildleaf menu are grain bowls, avocado toast, "healthy Fro-Yo (flavors) like green tea," juices and assorted salads.  Morse added he plans to use organic ingredients "when  possible."

According to Morse, who spent five years living in New York and comes from a finance background, Wildleaf may expand if the first location is successful, but he was hesitant to speak too far into the future with location one still in the works.

Morse has enlisted the help of Chef Randy Lewis, most recently Executive Chef at both Gypsy Kitchen and The Southern Gentleman, to craft the menu at Wildleaf.  As of now, Morse hopes to have Wildleaf open by the end of August.

Are you excited for the opening of Wildleaf?  Have you had "grain bowls" or "avocado toast" elsewhere, if so, are you a fan of either?  What products would you like to see Wildleaf offer?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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