Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bacchanalia and Star Provisions On The Move

Luxe eatery and gourmet food shop relocating

Star Provisions and Bacchanalia, two of Atlanta's most well known establishments, are moving from their current home at 1198 Howell Mill Road to a new space nearby.    

Owners Ann Quatrano and Clifford Harrison plan to reopen Star Provisions and Bacchanalia (Litttle Bach will close permanently) early next year on Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard.  Star Provisions To-Go will be the only business to remain at the current location. The To-Go business will continue to offer sandwiches, dessert, coffee, and bread with outdoor seating only.

The new Bacchanalia and Star Provisions will occupy a soon-to-be constructed building about a mile and a half from the restaurant's current home.  Whereas the current space the group occupies is 16,000 square feet, the new building will provide them 10,000 square feet.  For those who know the area well, the building will be built on a vacant parcel of land in the 1400 block of Ellsworth Industrial, catty-corner from Restaurant Depot.   

Last March, Quatrano closed her meat-centric eatery Abbatoir, where Ford Fry subsequently opened Marcel, widely regarded as the most expensive steakhouse in the state.  About a year ago, ownership converted the restaurant formerly known as the Quinones Room to Little Bach.  Earlier this year, Bacchanalia converted their dinner menu from prix fixe to a la carte. 

“We are committed to the Westside and the timing is right for us to have our own stand-alone building for these two concepts,” said Anne Quatrano. “We are excited about the new space, and most importantly what we will be able to offer our guests by way of dine-in seating in Star Provisions, catering, ease of access and private event space options.”

Bacchanalia was originally located in a small cottage in Buckhead, at the corner Martina Drive and Piedmont Road.  The restaurant opened in 1993, before moving to its current Westside location in 1999.   (Mediterranean restaurant and lounge Divan now operates in their former Buckhead location.)  

Are you excited for this move?  Do you think Bacchanalia is past its prime?  What would you like to see open at Westside Provisions District once they leave?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

should be a positive. never care much for navigating that lot when going to Star Provisions; spots are too tight and rows too close together.

Katherine S said...

Agree with previous poster - that center was amazing five years ago. Now it is overdeveloped, overcrowded, and has lost its charm. Probably a good move for Bacch/SP, but I will miss Little Bacch. That place is a gem.

One persons opinion said...

Is there such a road as Ellsworth Industrial Avenue ? Or is this Ellsworth Industrial Blvd ?

Anonymous said...

Good move. I HATE driving to that area. Recently did a good bit of furniture shopping at Room & Board and I'm not sure there is a more congested part of Atlanta. I think I caused some Waze servers to smoke and burn out.

Atlantan99 said...

@One persons opinion,

You are correct. The change has been made. Thanks for your readership and good eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

As a westsider, I feel torn about this! My family still loves WSPD and goes almost every weekend for breakfast and to push our little one around in the stroller. I'll miss Star Provisions being there. But! The new development looks wonderful and is closer to my house - I suspect many of our Saturdays will now be spent on Ellsworth!

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