Friday, May 20, 2016

New Snellville Shopping Center Scores More Food for Scenic Highway

New development bringing many more restaurants

A giant new development on Scenic Highway in Snellville is starting to take shape.  Located at the intersection of Pharrs Road and Scenic Highway, the 13 acre site known as "Park Place" is being developed by Swope & DeThomas Investment Group.

The project includes no large retail spaces, instead, it consists of seven freestanding buildings, most of which are being marketed to restaurants.  Another larger parcel towards the rear of the center, closest to the adjacent Home Depot, was originally being marketed as a grocery store but is now reportedly being marketed to limited service hotel operators. The center will also include some medical space.   

I contacted Jeremy  Yarbrough of Swope & DeThomas Investment Group who refused to comment on specific tenants but did indicate that openings should start to happen in the fall.  
Freddy's under construction at left, Zaxby's structure going up to its right 
Among the known tenants are Cracker Barrel,  Zaxby's, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers and an Aspen Dental medical office.  The above-mentioned confirmed restaurants will all occupy separate freestanding buildings, Freddy's and Zaxby's each with drive-thrus, with Aspen Dental occupying a little more than half of a separate building.  

The Zaxby's is being opened by "Sugar Shack Holdings, LLC" a Watkinsville-based franchise group.  The new Zaxby's will reflect the brand's new identity and will feature the "farm house" design elements.  Personally, I find the new look ugly and uninspired.

Park Place joins Scenic Promenade, a recently completed center across the street, and Snellville Exchange, an under construction center under a mile north as new developments along the Scenic Highway corridor.  

What else would you like to see open in the Park Place project?  Are you excited for the current roster of confirmed tenants in Park Place?  Do you think Snellville / Lawrenceville are getting overbuilt? 

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Correction on Pharrs Road not Parrs.

Hopefully limited service hotel does NOT mean extended stay. The "hotel" behind Target is temporary housing for transients that are frequently being arrested. For example two "residents" this week have been arrested on Robbery charges. Unsure if Snellville needs a hotel as most people traveling to Gwinnett for business stay at establishments with immediate access to major highways like I85. No more than a month ago there were several witnesses to a man running from this hotel into the woods across the street, another motorist pulled over and appeared to call law enforcement to report the incident.

This stretch of roadway is already hard to navigate. Gridlock traffic situations where people think it is no problem to block intersections. With maybe 10 seconds stopped they talk on their cell phones or feel the urge to text, that is until someone cuts in front of them and the middle finger and mild road rage begins. Locals have seen a lot of crazy and that will only increase as more national chains descend on this stretch of roadway.

Atlantan99 said...


You are correct, that was my mistake in missing the "h" in Pharrs. It has been corrected. Thanks for catch and for your feedback. I will keep an eye on the project and update the blog as I hear more.

Ham said...

I very much believe Snellville is being overbuilt. I have no doubt the area will look like Gwinnett Place in ten years with numerous half empty run down shopping centers. Of course the added tax money will be good for a few years and most of the City Council will retire and move to Oconee County by then anyway.

Coolio said...

All these developments on the same stretch of 4-lane highway that is already a nightmare to navigate. Maybe they should build a double-decker highway right above the main road for people who are passing through w/ no access to local spots, and let the main road continue to serve the businesses on that strip.

Oh wait... probably makes too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Why is everything getting built in Snellvillle???? I absolutely hate the traffic and gridlock on 124. Too much retail cluttered in one area is never a good idea. Where is the smart growth??? I think Ham and Coolio are both right. Expect this area to have a decline in retail over the next 5 years. The Shoppes at Webb Gin and Presidential Markerplace have both lost tenants the past couple of years. It is just a matter of time.

Skrybe said...

Geez. Guess I'm the only one excited about the new businesses coming to the area! I do agree, though, that traffic is pretty bad in that area, especially at 124 and Ronald Reagan. Hey guys, think positive! Maybe all of the traffic will pull over at these new restaurants and get out of the way!

Unknown said...

Most of the stuff on pleasant Hill was built a long long time ago and they have a lot of Asians and poor folks over there. Where as that area on 124 have a lot of rich people more willing to spend their money on stuff around there. Target shopping centre has been there forever and it still does really well. They just need to put more Fortune 500 companies build up the road and add something fun in that area and it will bring all different age groups

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