Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cook Out Plans to Fire Up the Grill in the Big Chicken's Backyard

The new Cook Out will likely look like this 
Growing burger chain planning another location.  

North Carolina-based Cook Out, which specializes in "Char-Grilled" hamburgers" and features over 40 different flavors of milkshakes, is planning yet another Cobb county location. The new freestanding restaurant is to be built on Cobb Parkway North in Marietta.  The restaurant would be situated at the corner of Cobb Parkway North and Roswell Street, across from KFC's Big Chicken.  

The approximately 2,800 square foot restaurant would be built on a roughly one acre parcel where most recently a car lot operated before being demolished and left vacant years ago.   

Cook Out is also famous for its $4.99 combo meal, which includes a sandwich, two sides and a drink. (The combo can be upgraded for a dollar to include a milkshake instead of a drink.)    

This upcoming location as well as the previously announced restaurant planned for South Cobb Drive are likely intended to capitalize on the increased traffic the new SunTrust Park will bring to the area.   

In addition to the Cobb Parkway North and South Cobb Drive locations, Cook Out has locations coming soon to Scenic Highway in Snellville, Glenwood Avenue in Dalton, Peach Orchard Road in Augusta and Battlefield Parkway in Fort Oglethorpe

When these upcoming locations open, the chain which entered the Georgia market in mid 2013, will have over 30 locations in Georgia.  

Are you excited for Cook Out to be opening another Cobb county location?  What is your favorite milkshake at Cook Out?  Where would you like to see Cook Out open next?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Pro tip to future neighborhoods that get Cookouts: don't make the same mistake we did in east Atlanta. Make sure Cookout has a traffic plan that can accommodate at LEAST 10-20 cars in the drive-thru. If you don't, they will literally let the drive-thru lane snake out onto the street. I like Cookout too, but the design of their east Atlanta store is terrible -- they should either get rid of the drive-thru window or redesign it.

Ham said...

I visited the Cook Out in Tucker shortly after it opened and thought it was a pretty decent fast food place. However, on a couple of subsequent visits the place has deteriorated fast. I suppose originally they had some corporate management or something on site because they seemed very efficient, food was decent, service was good and the place was clean. However, on my last two visits none of this was true.

Coolio said...

@Ham: That's the plan for most stores, get you hooked in the beginning with friendly faces and great service as soon as they open, and a week or two later after the reviews have all been written, the "real" crew comes in. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

CookOut will be the first mass chain to falter here in ATL, especially in addition to Freddie's and Culver's entering this market at the same time. I went to college in NC and can tell you I am not excited about CookOut knowing that their quailty is just not the same. Expansion has not been good for CookOut.

Anonymous said...

People in ATL love Cookout! If you're from Carolina, it's nothing to you. I'm really shocked that none of the stores here have double drive thru windows like the ones in Carolina. Panola and Moreland have the worst traffic issues.

Anonymous said...

Just drove through North Carolina and South Carolina last week. Cookout has so many billboards. Its ridiculous and a tremendous eyesore.

Anonymous said...

"They are putting these all over. They are just gross, expensive McDonalds. I'd rather eat McDonalds."

Gross and expensive? For one, they are REAL hamburgers. I ate at two during a roadtrip from Florida to NC. A double patty thick hamburger fully loaded with a corndog, fries, AND a large drink for $5.49? How is that "expensive"? A Big Mac is like 9 bucks!

Anonymous said...

"Just drove through North Carolina and South Carolina last week. Cookout has so many billboards. Its ridiculous and a tremendous eyesore."

Oh yeah, well screw them for advertising their business! I'm sure they are the ONLY business putting billboards up, right?

Anonymous said...

What's so expensive about them? Every Cookout I've been to, you get a lot of food for your buck! The variety kills McDonalds, Wendy's, etc. At least it's grilled and fresh- not frozen and fried.

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