Saturday, July 16, 2016

Entrepreneur Sees "Golden" Opportunity to Open New Coffee Shop

New coffee shop and cafe planned for Clairmont Road.

Victor Ramirez, a native of the Dominican Republic, plans to open a new coffee shop and cafe in the former Sobban on Clairmont Road.  The building was originally constructed in 1969 and operated as an Arby's for many years.  Later in its life, "Athens Pizza Express" operated from the property and was the pizza of choice for my family during my childhood. Athens Pizza closed in 2010 and was replaced by "Kitsch'n 155" in 2011.  Kitsch'n 155 closed in 2013 after which     Sobban Korean Southern Diner opened, became popular, but closed at the end of last year

The new shop, Golden Drops Café  American & Latin Coffee bar is slated to open mid-to-late next month and will be open seven days a week.  

Ramirez plans to offer specialty coffee from various countries in central and south America as well as Mexico and the Caribbean.   The shop will feature assorted coffee options such as Café con leche, a popular spanish coffee drink. The cafe will also offer "quality fast food" from the same countries represented by the coffee as well as beer and wine options. 

Alejandro Mendez, 2011 World Barista Champion, is scheduled to make an appearance at the cafe's grand opening. Golden Drops will feature coffee from 4 Monkeys Coffee Roasters, Mendez's El Salvador-based coffee company. Additionally, Ramirez plans to offer a curated selection of pre-bagged coffee for sale to customers who wish to make their own at home.  

Ramirez also plans to install a screen on the interior side wall of the building where he plans to show culturally relevant musical performances.  

Tentative hours for Golden Drops are 8am-10pm weekdays, and 9am-11pm on weekends.  

Are you excited for a local coffee shop in the neighborhood? What is your favorite type of coffee?  What food items would you like to see Golden Drops serve?

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea - hope this is a great success.

Anonymous said...

good luck to them; it's a rather cursed spot. I really liked that Kitschn place, they had some good home-made type food.

Anonymous said...

What we really need is a real gourmet coffee store. Not just a cafe and not Starbucks. Atlanta Coffee Roasters is about the only one and its so old and worn out in there. We need some place to get some freshly roasted beans from someone who knows what they are doing, who understands that different varieties need different roasts. A place with the best and the simplest equipment and accessories for sale. Its not just about wifi and frappucinos and leather sofas and live music and paninis. How about a true coffee purveyor for a change?

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:29. Try J.Martinez off of Peachtree Industrial. They
have been importing and roasting beans from Jamaica for a long time.
They supply quite a number of higher end restaurants with their

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to a great local coffee shop. Hopefully they will have some of their native foods for sale.

I still can't understand why people like Starbucks.

Georgia Trails Alliance said...

if you still cant bike or walk there, i wont be visiting. and thus you'll need to figure out how to rotate the few cars parked there so everyone gets a chance to visit. sorry. reality.

Unknown said...

Opening at 8:00am? Not early enough for us especially on the weekends. Will they have a drive thru option? I wish them luck but I do not see a successful venture.

Anonymous said...

Terrific news - thanks for the preview. Location + building weren't great for restaurant, but it could work as a coffee long as you don't have to turn left to enter or leave across Clairmont's morning traffic -- yikers. I do wish they'd open earlier than 8am...a tad too late for a coffee place IMHO. Regardless, I look forward to checking them out. [ABS: Anything But Starbucks!]

Anonymous said...

Needs to have a nice clean restroom you don't have to go outside to get reach.

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