Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rolls-Royce Proves Evanescent in Atlanta

Rolls-Royce bids adieu to Buckhead 

Metro Atlanta is now without an official Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealership following the closure of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Atlanta on Piedmont Road in Buckhead.  The dealership, part of  Atlanta-based Hennessy Automobile Companies, opened in 2004 and was just renovated in late 2012. (There was once a Rolls-Royce dealership in downtown Atlanta but it closed many years ago.)  A representative from Hennessy indicated that Rolls-Royce did not renew the franchise agreement with them when it expired earlier this month.  The official Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Atlanta facebook page remains active but has not been updated since January 19th.  

I reached out to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (a subsidiary of BMW) and was informed that there are currently no immediate plans for a new franchise in the Atlanta market.  A Hennessy representative indicated that if and when a new franchise is offered in Atlanta, it's likely not to be with them.  

Last year Rolls-Royce recorded the second highest sales in the brand’s 112-year history: 3,785 cars.

Hennessy, which operates over a dozen dealerships around metro Atlanta, will use the former Rolls-Royce showroom space for showcase and delivery space for its two remaining dealerships on Piedmont Road: Jaguar and Land Rover.  

For those in the Atlanta area in the market for a new Rolls-Royce Phantom (from $417,825) or Ghost (from $295,850), the next closest dealerships are in Orlando, Charleston, Raleigh and Nashville. 

If you are lucky enough to already own a Rolls-Royce, Bentley Atlanta, located in Alpharetta, will be happy to service your vehicle. 

Are you surprised that Rolls-Royce has left the Atlanta market?  If Rolls-Royce does decide to return to metro Atlanta, where should they set up shop?  Whether you own one or not, what is your favorite ultra premium luxury vehicle? 

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

just as a headsup, the Dunkin Donuts at N. Peachtree and Cotillion opened yesterday, 10/24.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I always loved pointing out the we had quite possible the only Rolls Royce dealership in the world across from a drive thru fast food restaurant and next to a Waffle House. It seems very Atlanta to me.

ImAndy said...

No surprise. I'm sure they lost the franchise due to poor customer satisfaction surveys. Hennessey is a terrible company. I purchased my Land Rover there as they own all the LR dealers in the entire state so you pretty much have to. I hold my nose every time I have to go in there for service. A disgrace to a great brand. Now they'll have two empty buildings on their lot as a monuments to their operational deficiencies.

Anonymous said...

Can Atlanta not support a Rolls dealership? Interesting to think that Charleston or Raleigh can.

nsk said...

Agreed with 11:28am, the RR dealership and its immediate neighborhood eateries accurately exemplified Atlanta.

There are more than a few high-line used car shops that offer Rolls, one just a few blocks away in Miami Circle.

Appreciate the candor from the Hennessy rep you contacted... clearly no love lost between RR corporate and the dealer. For that matter, I don't think Hennessy has a BMW store.

Anonymous said...

"evanescent " Well Played .. ..

Anonymous said...

I think you will find the Rolls Royce dealers in those neighboring towns are not solo dealerships that only sell Rolls like the Atlanta dealership is/was. They are hybrid dealerships that sell several high end brands. The Orlando one for instance sells Bentleys, Lamborghini and Rolls. Similar for the one in Nashville. This would likely be how Rolls would re-enter the market here. I know there is one similar dealership on Roswell Rd across from the current Sandy Springs City Hall that sells Aston Martin, Lotus, Lamborghini and perhaps one or two other brands.

Anonymous said...

October 25, 2016 at 4:22 PM

Correct. Dublin (Columbus) Ohio based MAG / Midwestern Auto Group is the one I am most familiar with.

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