Monday, April 24, 2017

RaceTrac Seeking Larger Slice of Intown Market

RaceTrac planning new location in Atlanta.

Atlanta based RaceTrac plans to move and expand its Bolton Road convenience store and gas station to a larger space nearby. RaceTrac plans to relocate basically across the street from its current location to a parcel previously occupied by Bark Avenue Pet Resort.

The property is located near the intersection of Adams Drive, Marietta Boulevard and Bolton Road.  Adams Drive was made a dead end at the intersection a few years ago so the site's primary access would likely be via Bolton Road.  

According to city records, the new site is about 1.78 acres, whereas the current pie-shaped site is about 1.24 acres. 

The city records also indicate that the existing RaceTrac convenience store is just over 3,500 square feet and was built in 1950.  The new RaceTrac will reportedly have a 5,500 square foot convenience store.  

According to a RaceTrac spokesperson, the company plans to sell the current site once the new location opens.  While the spokesperson could not comment on its future use, local sources indicate that McDonald's has expressed interest.  It's worth noting that a former McDonald's was recently demolished adjacent to the upcoming Edens project at Moores Mill Road and Marietta Boulevard.  

Plans call for the new RaceTrac to have 18 fueling positions, two less than the current store.  The added convenience store space will allow for RaceTrac to offer a wider variety of items such as Swirl World frozen yogurt,expanded coffee and WiFi. 

RaceTrac is also building a new location in Brookhaven at the corner of Clairmont Road and Dresden Drive.  The property was recently cleared, and construction is expected to start in the second quarter of this year, with plans to open late this fall.  

As I reported last month, RaceTrac is also planning a new location in East Cobb.  In addition to the planned new openings, RaceTrac continues to invest in significant renovations of existing locations.  

According to a RaceTrac spokesperson, plans are still being finalized for the Bolton Road location  with construction likely to start in the third quarter of 2018, leading to an early 2019 opening.   

A short distance away, Tulsa, Oklahoma based QuikTrip is finally working on their controversial Howell Mill Road location.

Are you excited for the new RaceTrac planned for Bolton Road?  What would you like to see open in place of the current RaceTrac once it moves to its planned new location?  QuikTrip or RaceTrac; Which do you prefer and why?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the Clairmont and Dresdyn Racetrack. I think that one will do well.

Anonymous said...

This will make traffic on Bolton Rd a total nightmare

Robert said...

I wish they would replace the old RaceTrack with a Starbucks. Finding a place to park at the Octane in West Midtown is a nightmare on workdays.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter to me. I already avoid that Howell Mill Rd & Defoor Ave area at all costs. It's the worst traffic congestion in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

It woulf b nice if one could be put in Candler Rd

Anonymous said...

OMG...not another Starbucks. So sick of them everywhere.

BD1 said...

This is awesome news. RaceTrac's crazy good coffee is the best!

Anonymous said...

Racetrac coffee is better than Starbucks anyway! Plus, they are just moving, not just coming to the area like that QT is. I do wish that the city would require developers to account for changes in infrastructure though BEFORE they build stuff. I get so tired of driving down already busy 2-lane ATL streets and passing new apartment complexes or shopping plazas.

bill said...

This is nowhere near Howell Mill, not sure what the complaint there is about... maybe that QT going in over there? Also, this is not going to change anything with Bolton Road traffic either. They are just moving across the street, not building a second gas station. You can make that argument about the Publix going in, but really, would you rather the abandoned strip mall and doggy daycare stay there? You clearly don't live around here.

I am very excited for this development, that old Racetrac is dingy and a bit sketchy. This Racetrac already has the cheapest gas in the city.

Coolio said...

So they are moving from a completely accessible location to a not-so-accessible location. Coming from Marietta Blvd, you'd have to go through a light to get there now. This seems ill-planned. Don't like it at all.

Also, Anon @ 1:12 on 4/4/17: currently the interstates have the worst traffic in Atlanta. Howell Mill doesn't come close.

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