Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[ALERT] 5 Seasons Brewing Has Closed in Alpharetta

"We got an offer we couldn't refuse." 

Owners of Alpharetta's 5 Seasons Brewing announce the restaurant's closure.

"Hello friends of the 5! We have some big news to share. We have sold the property here at 5 Seasons North and so we are closing down this location. {5 Seasons Westside will remain open and is not involved - so don't panic, you can still get your 5 fix!} First we want to thank our dedicated and talented staff as well as our many guests who have become such good friends over the last 10.5 years. It has been such a pleasure serving everyone and getting to do what we love to do. We love creating great food and great beer. We will certainly miss all of the guests we have been so blessed to serve this last decade.  

We bought this really cool log cabin back in 2006 and wanted to bring a great restaurant and great brewery to an area full of chains and a beer wasteland. We wanted to bring a restaurant focusing on local foods, innovative menus and to constantly create new and exciting beers all the time.  

Since we opened in 2006 we have been approached on numerous occasions to sell the property. It's a great building in a fantastic area. We never really took any of them seriously though. Alpharetta is a growing community with so much going on. We've loved being a part of it. But over the past two years the offers came more and more often. Recently a friend of ours from the Atlanta restaurant community approached us with an offer we simply couldn't refuse.  

Although it was a difficult decision to accept the offer, it was the best thing to do for our families and for us. As sad as it is to say goodbye we are very excited.  

We always love to throw a party! So Tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, will be our last day and we want to go out in style! We hope all of you will swing in to say goodbye. There's still plenty of beer to drink! And we will have some fun foods on the menu for sure. HALF-PRICED BEERS ALL DAY LONG!!!!! We hope to see you here! Noon -10 PM.  

Sincerely and with deep gratitude,  

Crawford & Dave"

The freestanding, roughly 9,000 square foot, log cabin style restaurant located at 3655 Old Milton Parkway officially closed last night after about 10 and a half years in business.  5 Seasons remains closed today, but will reopen for a customer appreciation party tomorrow.  

Sources say the buyers of the restaurant plan to open a barbecue concept in the space, likely sometime next year. 

Additionally, while the email to customers welcomes patrons to the Westside location on Marietta Street, it does not mention the (original) location at The Prado in Sandy Springs.   Real estate sources confirm that The Prado location is on "borrowed time," and that the restaurant is currently on a month-to-month lease.  While the location is not closing any time soon, it's probably best to learn the route to the Westside location.  

Are you surprised that 5 Seasons decided to close their Alpharetta location?  Does the idea of a BBQ replacement sound good?  Where is your favorite place for beer in Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.   


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Atlantan99 said...

@Douglas Green,

All I know right now is that it will a local operator. It's a big location for BBQ, that's for sure! Maybe Kevin Gillespie's long-rumored Terminus City BBQ! (joking as I doubt it would be that big or be located OTP)

Theron Sapp said...

I really hope the Prado location doesn't go anywhere. The cooking is even better than the beer (which is good!). It would be a real loss to the Sandy Springs/North Buckhead area.

Anonymous said...

Agree it would be a shame for the Prado location to go, but it can be a tough spot to get to and find parking so far back in that development. To the casual person, it also appears to be a pretty similar concept to the Taco Mac that is just a few doors over and with (nominally) easier parking. I can see why it struggles there. Granted we have small children so we tend to be earlier eaters than most but everytime time we go there its pretty deserted.

J Leeds said...

I work near the now closed location. I don't go that often, but when I did, it never seemed to be that busy. Maybe I wasn't there during their peak times.

Anonymous said...

No surprise really! North & Prado have been suffering with a menu that hasn't really evolved since 2001 nor does the chef/owner spend enough time in the kitchen. Too many locations for ownership to run successfully

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